[Suggestion] Rid the "Recent Status Updates" are of private profile statuses.

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by jkjkjk182, Aug 2, 2015.

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  1. The Recent Status Updates feed should be for those who have a public profile. When I read a status and want to either comment on it or read what others have commented, I find it annoying when the profile is private. It doesn't make sense from the perspective of the reader or the status poster to put it into the public status feed. As a reader, if I see an interesting status, I will travel to the profile and comment, like, read other statuses, etc. I can't do that if the profile is private. If I am the status poster, and I have set my profile to private, then it doesn't make sense to post my statuses in public.

    Considering that the Recent Status Updates area can only contain five statuses at a time, I think it should be optimized for community interaction.

    I'm likely in the minority on this one, but it is worth a try.:p
  2. I don't think you are in the minority. The only problem I see is Aikar's profile which I'm not sure if that is considered private or just HAX. Either way +1
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  3. This will not be happening. Players should not be punished for wanting to prevent profile post comments when they may still want to share their thoughts with the community.
  4. You can allow only followers to comment on your profile if you choose to.
  5. I am not aiming to prevent people who have a public profile but "locked" comments on their statuses, I am talking about those with a completely private profile. If I see a status in the feed, and I click on the players name, I expect to be able to get to their page. If I instead arrive at the error page explaining that this person hasn't allowed me access to their profile, I am just left wondering "If they don't want to interact with the community, then why are their profile activities being broadcast to everyone?"

    It wouldn't be a punishment. It is their choice to block off their profile from everyone.

    It would be as if supporter threads showed up in the "Recently Active Threads" list. I see something interesting, I click on it, and I am not able to access it.
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  6. The supporter thing adds incentive though. The private profile thing, well that's Kinda pointless any way you look at it. If I made my profile private I don't think I would want it broadcast, would Kinda defeat the purpose
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  7. I agree. If you want nobody to see your profile, it's a bit odd that you do want the statuses to be put on the bottom of the page.
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  8. While i can see it being annoying, we really can't do anything about it. Not modifying XenForo's code more for a small thing like that :/
  9. yeah its annoying but meh
  10. -1 for pointlessness.
  11. I think you mean "-1 it is a point that I don't support." A point is not an opinion.
  12. Nope this is pretty pointless.
  13. *tallies points* +1 and -1 so zero. Trolled by math :/
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  14. Pointless.
    It does make sense that people who have purposely set their profiles to be completely private would not want something related to their profile to be published in public.

    It does have a use, it would provide more opportunity for community interaction.

    It does have purpose, or else the OP would just be a copy of the title and there would be no reasons listed.

    You can call it pointless all you want, but you are wrong lol. A dictionary would do you well.

    Back to the OP.

    Since this would require more custom modification, I don't think it should be done. If it were just a check of a box, or a couple lines of code similar to "if private then do nothing" after a player posts their status, then it would be incredibly easy to do and time wouldn't really be a factor. But since it would make site migration more difficult, it would be better to wait (read: I do not want to get on Sock's bad side).
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