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  1. As some of you have seen, azoundria had the idea of a "Reverse Auction". Reverse auctions work the same as an ordinary auction but host will be buying the item, instead of selling it and there will be bid decrements instead of bid increments.

    Bidding on a reverse auction means that you are willing to sell the host the item they are looking for.

    Example Reverse Auction set-up:

    Item: DC of oak logs
    Starting Bid: 15,000r
    Maximum Bid decrement: -100r
    Auction Ending Time: 24 hours after final bid.

    Now, a player that's willing to sell a DC of oak logs will bid at 15,000r or lower. Anyone else that wishes to sell a DC of oak logs will have to bid -100r or lower than the last bid. The next bid could possibly be 14,900r or lower. The auction will end once it reaches the posted ending time.

    So I'm suggesting this Reverse Auction to be made into a new category?

    Please give me your 2 cents on the idea and comment below!
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  2. As long as the list of items legal to "reverse-auction" is the same as a regular auction, I don't see a problem.
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  3. I think a seperate section for these would be a good idea as I get confused when I see these in the buying and selling thread. However, I also think these should not appear in the recently bumped thread section a these auctions can be confusing to many players.
  4. If people read the title and the 1st post then there shouldn't be a problem with confusion ;)
  5. Sorry, been super busy with tons of things this week. After reading azoundria's post, the staff collectively decided this was a good idea and we will be making a separate forum area for it as well as official rules as to what is reverse-auctionable (might be a few minor changes). The official post will be coming out this weekend with all these changes in effect, though I don't know what specific day yet =)

    I do not know if there is a way to remove them from the recently bumped threads section, but will talk with Aikar.
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  6. Sir_Reginald_ did it first
    I disagree with this... If it's confusing to anyone then that's very unfortunate, it's quite a simple concept and I feel it deserves to be treated like any other thread
  7. A simple solution for this would be that there is a rule wich states you should always have a link in your reverse auction to a thread that explains how a reverse auction works.
  8. problem solved