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  1. Heres a idea that can clean up the wait time and free up more of the Community Manager's Times

    Lets say your current residence biome is a plains biome:

    /res biome jungle

    Are you sure you want to do this? It will deduct 20,000 Rupees from your account. Type "/res biome jungle confirm" to continue.

    /res biome jungle confirm

    -20,000 Rupees
    Residence Biome Changed!

    Can this be implemented if possible?
    If so, any tweaks needed, I think its pretty basic and doesn't need to be more complex than this.
  2. http://track.empire.us/issue/EMC-87


    This is confirmed as coming in a future update.

    Giving the ability to set a specific res biome, primarily to remove the forced behavior of water freezing on un-carefully selected residences with ice biomes.

    /res set biome ice/plains/swamp true/remove/false - would it be easier to code if it remained a flag type of command or harder?

    Current solution: placing block x number of spaces above the water (glass layer above highest part of res)


    Comment - Aikar
    Current price for Sr Staff to do this is 10k, so that would be the price.

    Implementation details: Use the Bukkit API Biome Enum that is required to implement this feature, and use the enum value.name() as a key for player to use.

    command name /res changebiome [optional name/#] biomename

    For usability reasons, iterate all biomes and do an ignored case, ignored special characters string comparison so that users do not need to type underscores or proper caps. See the /rareitem and /spawnmob command for how that was done.

    If user types invalid biome, print biome list.

    Should require confirmation using Confirmation.confirm() system by typing /resadmin changebiome confirm

    Store previously specified Residence and biome selection in a TempMetaKey with Util.get/setMetadata
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  3. I'm pretty sure a service provided by Staff member is already in place.

    EDIT: Didn't read your post correctly, Good suggestion. Allowing us to change it without bothering the Sr.Staff
  4. Oh wow I did not see this, Good to know that its in the future plans of the Empire! Thanks! :DD