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  1. Today I have a suggestion for a new residence flag, it's the Item:Bring flag. What this residence flag does is stop anyone from bringing or taking items to or from the residence. This can help with events that don't want people sneaking items on to cheat with. When trying to go to a residene with this flag off, when you try to /v it will say-

    "You do not have permission to visit this residence with items in your inventory"

    How do you feel about this? Have any ideas that branch off? I'm looking for honest feedback, so as long as it's not rude feel free to post it!
  2. I Actually like this
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  3. I like it, its a neat idea. My only concern would be that there'd have to be a checklist for each and every item in existence..

    Nonetheless, +1 from me!
  4. It sounds pretty cool, Nice idea and +1
  5. I think it would just do a check for items in every item slot in your inventory to see if you have anything in there. :p
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  6. I meant instead of just "No items" that you can make it so no ender pearls can be used in a maze, for instance. But, hey, it's just a suggestion lol. I hope it makes the cut, either way it goes. :eek:
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  7. Other than to prevent block (or water) glitching, I don't see a reason adding this.
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  8. Oh i see, haha. English is not my mother language, so sometimes i don't understand things. :p
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  9. +1. This would really help at events, when you aren't allowed with items in your inventory. This flag could save so much time. At the snowball event, we were waiting so long for the staff to check all our inventories.
  10. Imagine a Pumpkin Hunt they had around Halloween, if someone is using tools and you can't see that, this will stop it
  11. Awesome idea, +1!

    For this there is already the ender pearl flag, though. :)
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  12. Then what would happen when they pick up the pumpkins?
  13. It's only item:bring, as in bringing items on the res. Vault could be off as well, so they would have no problem getting the items.
  14. Huh, didn't know that lol. Well then another example would be bringing milk buckets to a cake-making contest where you'd have to get all the ingredients within the res. :p
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  15. A+, but this sounds kinda OP(OVER POWERED). But if you could make a sub flag that will not let bring certain stuff on the res(like tools, enchanted items, etc) then its k. :D
  16. So I'm not sure if this is meant to piss me off or what, but imma go into it anyways. How the heck is this overpowered?!?!?!?!?!?!? Is it giving me 10trillion rupees? Is it giving me the ability to access creative mode? NO. ITs not even give me any items out of this. So how the HECK is this OP
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  17. If I were to guess, it's "too OP" because fisherman likes to bring items, regardless of le rules ;) I still like the idea. :)
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  18. any kind of spleef where you have to use your hands, theres numerous reasons i can see this being a good idea.

    def +1 from me
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  19. +1 Sounds like a good idea
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