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  1. So when you try to go into a persons res and it says you do not have permission to tp or move here I'ts sorta mean-ish if you know what I mean. So I can up with this idea.

    When you are going to do /res pset (name) move f, after that you could put Reason: Bulk buying is not allowed in my shop.

    Here is a demonstration:
    /res pset Zion_Moyer move f Reason: Bulk buying is not allowed

    Or you could do the "set" with the same thing. Example:
    /res set move f Reason: I am restocking my shop
  2. +1 Great Idea!
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  3. I wanted this a long time ago back when I first started. Kept forgetting why I banned certain players but I know I usually only ban someone if they are really asking for it. :p
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  4. I agree that this would be a good idea. However, it should be noted that this should really be only for move/tp flag, not for other flags. I also think that this definitely shouldn't show up in /res info, as that would just make /res info look spammy and kind of create a lack of privacy for the move-less players. The reason would just need to appear in the red error message in chat. :)
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  5. That is a good idea. A message with the reason should appear in the chat to a banned player if he/she attempts to visit a residence in which they are banned from. :D The reasonings for individual players should not show up publicly.
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  6. I agree no one else should know about why they can't get in except if the banned player tells them.
  7. +1

    Why not for other flags too, because it would be nice to keep track of why people have build on your res and so on?
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  8. I rate this idea highly. I found a shop I really liked, and the next day I couldn't /v to it D: The reason was probably very simple, but it made me sad! It would be nice to know why with a simple message.
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  9. Please tell me what you think if you haven't already. I would like to see your comments :)
  10. I would really like to see this come through. Please tell me what you think

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  12. How would you keep track of flags? If they don't show up in residence information and you aren't the person building, there'd be no way of monitoring the reasons given for people not having flags.
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  13. Oh.. woops.. I took the suggestion wrong.. I thought it was res give reason :p

    Anyways, why shouldn't it be for other flags?
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  14. Erm, that's what I was responding to. :p
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  15. I'm confused
    *Runs into corner out of fear*
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  16. Okay, so basically the suggestion is saying that people would receive the reason for the flag being false upon attempting to use it and subsequently receiving the error message. However, since these reasons would not be included in /res info for privacy reasons and to lessen the amount of type, there is no easy way for you to view the reasons you have set. Furthermore, most flags (such as build and container) don't NEED a reason: The reason is obviously that you don't want to risk people messing with your stuff. :)
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  17. This thread should be bumped. I really like this idea. :)
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  18. I do not think this is necessary. If it is just some random person's plot you stumble upon, a false move flag is really not a big deal. It should just be ignored and you should move on.

    If it is for someone you know/a friend, you can always ask them in game. Discussion is good, and often times this discussion would happen anyway.

    If it is for someone you don't like or that you believe did something wrong, nope nope nope. The outcome will be negative. Some players could feel antagonized. False/public accusations will become more prevalent. Negative trolling will become more prevalent. Players would feel left out of groups.

    So overall, I do not support this. There is too much negative potential and little to no actual positive potential.
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  19. As for checking what the reasons are yourself without /res info being spammy, shouldn't be a big deal to make a /res reason [flag] [player] command. That way you can have a reason for any flag, and not clutter up anything. Perhaps in /res info, flags with reasons could have a tooltip, and/or be a different color.
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