[Suggestion] /ps info; to get a quick overview

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  1. Hi gang,

    Subject says it all. When I'm in the Frontier I often double check if my map status is still hidden, when I farmed a few heads I want to make sure that the drop has been turned back off. Right now that has becomes a bit of a hassle because you'll need the mouse to click. And if you want to check more settings (say: head drop and the map status) you'll have to continue clicking.

    So I'm wondering: /ps info. It would only list the most important (most often changed or obvious) settings. Like the map status, head setting, if you're allowing friend invites, and maybe also your difficulty. Note: it would only list the values, it doesn't give you an option to change them.

    I think it could help make it a little easier if all you want to do is confirm some important settings.
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  2. I like this idea! :)
  3. I would like this, last week I accidentally killed a momentous on diff 1 because I forgot to change it back :p
  4. I agree with you my kind gentlemen "Fancy sir smiley"