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  1. [Private Message Filter]
    [PG] [Mature]

    PG - Normal Chat
    Mature - No restrictions
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  2. -1

    Sorry but I don't really see the point and quite frankly I fear that it will only cause confusion and perhaps even unwanted 'chaos'. Right now you already see plenty of players placing "wrong chat comments". You know: stuff was meant for group chat or local chat and accidentally ended up in town chat, or vice versa. Those comments are generally pretty harmless (of course accidents can happen sometimes). But what if you officially allow people to use mature language and then some of those comments accidentally find their way into the town chat (PG area)?

    Quite frankly I don't think much good can come from that. And then I'm not even taking abuse into consideration.

    Also, as mentioned above, I also don't see the point. If you want to talk about topics which are not suited for regular chat then you can always resort to private chat. Residence chat, local chat (might not be the best choice due to the radius) and of course group chat. All those methods allow you to chat with several people at once, and because its private there's nothing stopping you from addressing otherwise illegal topics.

    Warning: although what I'm saying above is true it does not give people carte blanch to say into private chat whatever they want. You always need to be sure that your target audience doesn't mind. Because inappropriate chat, even in private, can still be /report'ed and could result in a penalty.

    But if the whole group doesn't mind then there's no issue at all. And I speak from experience. When I first set foot on the Empire it was group chat which allowed us (a group of players from "another place"; Elfin, Shiyvah, EPIC_ARW, LBoss, DoubleCakes) to chat about that other server without bothering anyone. Heck; we more than often compared features and talked about how "that feature looked like $other_server_feature".

    And that's basically talk about another server (not allowed in public), so the same applies to more mature chatting.
  3. Well that can't happen because this would be for private message use only.

    If somebody were to accidentally say a sentence with a certain F word in it, it would be blocked since it is public chat. All this is doing is allowing freedom of private chat. It doesn't affect anybody except the people in chat. ;)

    This is only removing chat restriction between two consenting parties.

    This isn't about talking about specific topics. I can already discuss whatever I want in private chat. I just want to use whatever language I want to my friends. The whole idea was brought up when I discovered I couldn't say "God damn" in private chat. I could say God. I could say damn. I couldn't say God damn

    And just making sure this is clear: This option is only allowing two consenting parties to use whatever language they want in private chat. If one of the parties prefer PG chat, then the chat acts like it normally would. There is no downside that I can see due to already implemented features.
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  4. It can be quite annoying to have to add a period in when you are privately talking to a friend who does not mind said words. And if you remove this filter in pms, it would make wrong chats much less bad as there is no period needed, and it would atomatically be blocked instead of a possibly bad message getting out with a period in between a swear word. I said this in a very roundabout way but +1
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  5. -1 If you cant say it in normal chat I don't see why you would say it to another player, let alone have the need too ;)
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  6. I feel like this would be a useless feature. It's great that you like to cuss, but saying "darn it" gets the point across and people know what other word equates to it. Sure some people would prefer to use stronger language, but it's not really necessary.

    I understand that's the point of being able to change the setting, but having the setting just begs the younger members (who are the reason for the PG in the first place) to change it to mature and cuss and everything.

    I understand where you're going with this, but I feel like they don't already have this or a reason.

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  7. It would only be in private chat.
    Not saying it to a player, just a conversation. Some people such as I are use to using stronger language to express how you feel about a certain subject. Besides, I am sure a lot of people talk about things they are not suppose to in private chat, yet they still do, yet I don't see anybody complaining about that.
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  8. why are you guys cursing at your friends...have i been doing friendships wrong this whole time?
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  9. yes u have

    -1 for the same reasons stated above y would u want to share at someone when it is against the rules to begin with
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  10. +1. "oh, my res was reset and I had 5 mil in promos! Darn!" this isn't cool. "(expletive words) my res was reset! (more expletive words)" this gets the point across
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  11. Ah, I get what you mean now.
    At first I was like "What use would this have? :confused:" but I didn't know there was a chat filter to block swear words nowadays. Hm, then I do understand your reasoning.
    Still, though... I don't think it'd do too much good.
    But who am I, as I don't use such words anyway, which is probably why I never noticed there was a blocking system in place.
    So... -0? +0?
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  12. -1
    I just don't see the need to have someone put effort into making a bypass so I can cuss to a friend. It seems incredibly unnecessary, but maybe I'm just getting too old and past the "Cussing makes me look cool" stage.
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  13. Lol, far off.

    Personally, I use words such as those to get my point across directly and when it feels right at the moment. Besides, I don't need to cuss to look cool. :cool:
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