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  1. Hey, all. Majority of our players keep leaving because they are bored or sitting around. I have a better solution. We should put most of the player-made events on the home page. For two reasons, to increase in-game activity and to make people happier at events. For example, I went to a player DP a couple of weeks ago and he was surprised at the low player turnout. It was very organized, but didn't get enough notice. D: Well, you're probably thinking, what if someone trolls everyone and creates a dumb event. The conclusion: players would rather go to a dumb event than to afk in their home. The point is, players will want to do something in their free time. If players comment negative things about the event, the player who is hosting will take full responsibility and there will be an agreementlike this on the home page:

    Something like that. :) Plus, there's not much staff member events anymore. There used to be a weekly Tuesday MA and a Wacky Wednesday, but thats not showing up anymore. I'm not complaining about the lack of events, but why not fill those gaps with player events.
    Here's some requirements I'm thinking of:

    1 Week in Advance, tell Krysyy this...
    'Hoster',Date, Time, Location, Name of the Event, and must be on the events calendar.

    If all those requirements are met, it should go on the home page. I don't really see any negatives besides the ones I stated above. Please comment. :D
  2. I don't think the majority of players leave because they either get bored or run out of stuff to do. Nobody's gonna log onto EMC just to AFK at their properties. If someone joins the server, there's a reason for it.

    That aside, I'm just gonna say +0. Player hosted events can still get a large amount of attention even without being promoted. It just depends on factors like the time of year, the type of event, what's at stake and so on. Nobody's gonna want to go to a boring event just because it's promoted. It has to be interesting enough to attract more people without the help of EMC staff.
  3. I'm going to say -1 here. While the idea in theory is good, I see it causing more hassle than it's worth. If multiple players have events on the same day, the home page will be spammed with threads about only events. We have a player hosted events section. Threads there get plenty of attention. Bumping the thread is a good way to promote your event.
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  4. I never get any players for my events. I like this idea but also see problems with it. Maybe a middle ground could be found?
  5. Player events can get on the front page if Krysyy sees it fit for so. Being well-written helps. I personally don't want to see the front page spammed with DPs promising promos but all they drop is some shiny flesh -1
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  6. Maybe another option is like having a petition on the thread? If so many people like your thread, then it could be posted, to avoid more spam. Just another thought.

  7. I like what your saying about putting it up on the home page.

    I know that if Krysyy replies she'll state that if the player events get to her she'll post them on the calendar.

    Though I'm not sure if posting the events to the main page will do magnificent wonders to player event attendance. Currently there are almost 450k players signed into EMC. Yet out of all those players only 110k registered for the forums. Granted any given month EMC only has about 15k players logging in.

    Sorry about the jumbled mess this post is. I'm doing it all over phone and I have a small keyboard.
  8. Technically there is already a event calendar under the community section. So I don't really understand why it needs to be on the front page. If a player is looking for something to do, it isn't too hard to do one to two more mouse clicks to see the calendar. Sorry but -1.

    EDIT: There is even a events tab, didn't see that :p