[Suggestion] Official EMC Application for ios/Android

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  1. This was an idea I came up with win I didn't want to use my computer to do forum posts! As you may know you could use a browser but I think it would be better to have an Application

    It would allow you to do all the things you can on the website.
    You could use live maps.
    Even have fun doing auctions!
    Well that's all!
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  2. I know someone else posted a thread like this. It is a good idea but that is expensive, would take up a lot of time better spent on debugging and working on the server and a bunch of other stuff. Good idea but wasteful.
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  3. Well that just ruined my day
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  4. Sorry. If the EMC gets big enough then maybe that is an option. Apps cost a lot of money for run and make.
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  5. lots of time too... don't really have any of that either.
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  6. if there is a way to download it straight from the net, then maybe it could be a community project?
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  8. I don't know... try it :p
  9. :D
  10. I just get 1 alert.
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  11. my fun has been ruined. lol
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  12. :(
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  13. Yeah, this has been suggested a lot, just use Safari or whatever browser you use.
  14. I agree and that is what is suggested. Maybe not an app but a mobile version of the site if you know what I am talking about. Most companies that have apps are corporations and large companies which either can spare the money and will take no large chunk out of revenue, make profit off web services and have money to get the app to lure more users/customers, and then companies that the app will help either promote the business well, make things easier to maximize profits, or if the app proves to pay itself off in another way. Despite over 60000 users only a small fraction of those are payed members and the majority don't donate or are supporters. The EMC server is anything but a corporation and maybe not even a small or medium business. It is in a league of its own since it is a server but it tries to make a profit and doesn't provide a good or service. Maybe someday all companies having apps (large or small) will become mainstream in the distant future but, until then, I recommend Google Chrome or Safari.