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Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by Mrlegitislegit, Mar 10, 2013.

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  1. My suggestion: let non-supporters use it, but charge them rupees for each hour they use it. The price could be 500R per hour. This way, it would no longer be a supporter perk, but using it for free would be.
  2. This suggestion has been said before ... I'll speak for most supporters .... We buy to use the feature ... If you don't want people to find you, just pay 5 dollars a month ... that's about 17 cents a day ...

    I get what you are saying ... and once you start paying atleast once you might agree with what i'm saying that 'we pay for some features'... but personally i'm saying maphide is one of those features...
  3. Please note, I didn't say, "GIVE US MAP HIDE BECAUSE I SAY SO!" I said, "Give us map hide but make us give something in return for it."
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  4. I like the idea but I think it would be better just as a monthly fee similar to what a supporter has.
  5. But then people would just stop buying Iron, and just pay rupees.
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  6. I like the idea of paying-for-use

    1) Another rupees sink, yay!
    2) Now that EMC is spreading to make the wild just as awesome as an EMC feature, preventing griefing for everyone is a must. (Even though we have dragon tomb claiming eventually)
  7. And where would the rupees come from?
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  8. Rupees, the thing you buy stuff with.
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  9. I like the idea but in all honesty I don't think there going to retire any supporter perk to a free one, and for good reason too.
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  10. Yes, think, where do the rupees come from?
    It would not be free, why free?
    BTW, what reason?
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  11. Daily bonuses and voting?
  12. And from selling them on the website and other bonuses.
    People work and/or pay for them anyway, so
    a feature with price in rupees would NOT be for free.

    Imagine all the supporters canceling the subscription and people not voting (= commercial advertising!).
    Who would be able (long term) to buy /map hide?
    No one.
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  13. However, you are over thinking this situation-look at it as it is right now, and, for now, assume nothing's changing.
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  14. This is kind of like saying that you should pay for supporterships with rupees.
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  15. Well, not really, as it would just let you buy /map hide. You still wouldn't get more rupees, lots, or TNT usage.
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  16. I don't know if there is a thing like "over-thinking" (?) (one should think ideas through...)

    As it is now, we have
    a) "free money"
    - 100 r daily bonus for non-supporters
    - extra bonuses, e.g. 1.3 update bonus ("compensation" for bugs)
    b) "paid money"
    - voting bonus, earned by voting (= advertising)
    - supporters daily bonus (effectively bought with real money)
    - rupees sold on the website (directly bought with real money)

    We also have high inflation (hyperinflation) problem, where rupees are losing their value and position of a trustworthy in-game currency. The latent / expectable negative effects (also in terms of reduced number of supporters) IMO far outweigh the expectable drop in supporters if / when one could buy perks with rupees.

    Stable economy is one of the main advertising (and selling) traits of EMC.
    Ruining that could be devastating for whole EMC.
    As the matter of fact, the EMC economy is not stable and does not have a sound design.
    Buying perks for rupees would amend that.

    Through the forum, you can find ideas about EMC moving away from economy, but I'm certain that this is not viable, as no matter what people here do, economy will always be there and will be needed to allow for exchange and development. You can only choose between good and functioning or poor and tedious, broken economy and trade.

    Not for supportership but for perks / services.
    Because you have already paid for (most of the) rupees!
    -> [Suggestion] Rupees for Membership? (recommended reading)

    ^ That. ^ Of course you wouldn't buy more rupees with rupees...

    EDIT: along with the economic aspects:
    The live map is the stalkers and griefers best friend. Everyone knows that.
    Forcibly exposing anyone on the live map and making anyone target for stalking and griefing IMO has very, very poor taste.
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  17. I'd be okay with sticking it as an Empire Credit thing (when they eventually get implemented...), but I don't like the idea of people buying supporter perks with rupees.
  18. Why? Explain please, this is interesting.
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  19. I don't it's fair that some people pay REAL MONEY for something, and that others can just use FAKE MONEY (rupees). The only perks I think should be possible to purchase with rupees are:
    a) Retired supporter perks. Eg: if the supporter chat channel became global chat, and you had to pay some rupees to access it, BUT becoming a supporter didn't automatically give it to you.
    b) Specially created perk, to be bought with rupees.

    I see a difference between Empire Credits and rupees, mainly because you have to HELP the Empire to obtain them. On that note, I think that referrals should give credits to, when they come out.
  20. You can convert "real" money into rupees on the website. So rupees are not (completely) fake.
    Many people pay supporter subscription to get rupees. If this wouldn't be the case, then it would be complete nonsense to give "free" rupees to supporters.

    If rupees were fake, then the whole EMC economy would be fake as well.
    I realize that there are many people that think so.
    It would mean that the EMC economy is ruined from the start on, it was fake from the start on ... (so actually there is nothing to ruin there.)

    But, a fake in-game economy with a fake, not trustworthy in-game currency is not suitable for good and fun survival game play.

    Well, I think, even if it was fake from the beginning, the development of EMC, the people trusting it and using it to trade, to exchange and develop (in various role-playing or other manner), made it real in-game economy. Not fake.

    There is this bigger question now here:
    Do we want a real, functioning in-game economy that suites our survival game-play?
    Does it matter, or not?
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