[Suggestion] More thread control

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by Caeyde, Jun 21, 2015.

  1. Doesn't it feel odd to anyone else?
    Having to report your own thread to get a title changed, or a poll opened again? u.u
    There might be an easier way to do it, that I'm not aware of
    But I think it would be so much easier to let the owner of the thread edit their own titles, open/close polls and lock their own threads...

    It just seems like such a task to have to have staff do it, when we could really just do it ourselves :s
  2. It's possible for the permissions to be set up like this, but it depends on whether the staff want to give members that much control. I like the idea and it works in other forums, so I'm not sure why it wouldn't work here.
  3. I thought of this before, but never really bothered to suggest it.

  4. I'd appreciate this, mainly because I always feel a bit guilty for bothering staff members with something like changing a title. >.<
  5. Hm. I see where you're coming from. I've never had a problem with it, but I also don't think I would have a problem with having more control. I think I agree, actually.
  6. As a staff member I can truly say, it's the easiest thing I deal with as staff. I have no problem changing titles polls or auctions. Can ( and have ) changed them while I'm working and just checking in.
  7. I can understand that it's not exactly the hardest thing for staff to deal with, but I still think it would be easier to let the owners do it themselves

  8. It would be easier. But also could cause issues. Maybe if you couldn't do it in the business section that would be okay. But honestly it's one of the very few reports I see on the forums.
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  9. +1 i have noticed that too and it has bothered me... :)
  10. I once mistyped my thread title, but I didn't ask for it to be changed, because it felt like I would waste the time of the mods with something so stupid.

  11. You should never feel like it's a waste of our time. If there was just a few mods maybe. But there is enough of us that it isn't an issue. And a forum change takes seconds.
  12. Title changing is supported in later versions of Xenforo, so potentially doable after forum upgrade. Don't think poll titles are though - and thread locks would be really abusable. :(
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  13. The auction threads sold stay as is but I think personal threads this would be good.
  14. Nope, you can't change poll titles.