[Suggestion] Make /pmlog global

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  1. Hi gang,

    After reading a lot of cool suggestions I figured I might as well throw in something I've been noticing as of late.. As you may (or may not) know we have the /pmlog command. This gives you an overview of all the PM's you got in-game from the past 24hours. The ideal option to re-read missed PM's while you've been afk (for example).

    Last week I've been doing a lot of server hopping (smp2, smp3, smp4, smp5, smp8 and Utopia) and noticed that you can only see messages per-server. Which sometimes can get a little awkward when you remember someone PM'ing you, but don't know where. So now you're server hopping in search of messages instead of lost tools ;)

    I'm wondering if it would be possible to store (and show) all those PM's together, optionally with a mention of the server they were sent on?
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  2. sounds great, I am myslve not as often afk, but I think this would indeed be great if added :)
  3. Hmm, I reviewed the feature and all and totally didnt even catch this implementation detail!

    I agree, it makes much more sense like that as the "default" mode, and allow per server to be done like /pmlog smp1

    Making it more filtered would be nice too like /pmlog smp1 Aikar to see pm's to/from aikar on smp1.

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  4. Yaaa shel u did it :)
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  5. Nah, we all did it. Suggestions are a community effort IMO. One person suggests, others comment and yah... Sometimes stuff happens.
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  6. Oh, I didn't even know about this command! When was it added? I might've missed some more recent update overview posts. :3
    That's a good change, though, it makes it quite a bit more useful, I think!
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  7. It's not a recent addition. This is from the top of my head (I normally look stuff up) but my guess is that this was part of the Quality of life update. I'll look it up for you later on and then we'll see how well I know my history from mind :D


    In the mean time I looked it up and well, I stand corrected :oops: Mixed up my facts a bit, this command wasn't introduced with the Quality of Life but with the Name changing update which happened quite a few months before "QOF".

    And there you have it, I need to train harder ;)
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