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  1. Allow players to make "keys" for their chests. This allows a player to give multiple players access to multiple already locked chests by just giving them an a special item.

    How it works:
    1. Create or find a locked chest you made
    2. Right click [LOCKED] sign with the renamed item you wish to use as a key.
      A message pops up "Right click the sign with the item again to use it as a key"
    3. Right click it again
    4. Bam. Every item that is exactly like the one you used as the key can be used as a key. This is similar to how Aikar made his new shop signs (I think).
    Q and A
    • Can't people just rename it the same thing as your key to get in?
      • No. With Aikar's code, each time you rename an item it is stored on the item. So each item must be exactly identical to be used (renamed by the same player).
    • What if you or your friends lose their key?
      • I guess you should choose a new key or find it.
    The chest already has a Locked tag, it just needs to be used.
    To sum it up, this allows more than 5 people to utilize one locked chest, but it must be used with caution.
  2. This would also solve my problem of trying to add a player who's name is longer than a single line on a sign. However, now it's one more inventory slot taken up.
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  3. Sounds like a useful idea! :) it could indeed solve my problem of only 5 names for a chest (I need 6 >.>)
    For this, you can just fill in the part of the name that fits, the rest should be finished internally. :)
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  4. +1

    I like this idea, even though I don't really need it myself. Still, I can already think of some awesome uses for an adventure or treasure hunt.
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  5. Personal response:
    I'm a fan. This sounds really neat and would be pretty cool for some other aspects too. Only issue is losing said keys and giving away access to the chest to the wrong player if they were to fall into the wrong hands.

    Official response:
    I've forwarded this to the devs to make sure they see it so that they can look it over once the 1.9 bugs are squashed.
  6. I love the idea you have proposed. I was thinking though:

    How about an item like the Empire assistant, that cant be lost and somehow store the names in it? Trying to think of ways to make losing a key less difficult... which isnt something I should be suggesting about b/c I lose my house key all the time... :rolleyes: (I always eventually find it but... not until after I've panicked)
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  7. Hm, this does sound good! Would you need to use maps or books for this, or do other items work too?
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  8. Any unique item (has to be renamed or unique in a way)
  9. I'm not a fan -1
  10. Why?
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  11. Not to be a Donny Downer but what happens when I've made a key but forgot it or lost on the way to an outpost. Maybe the key isn't something you can just craft from a forest. Perhaps my key was forged on the Nether. Who know but i do know if i end up at my chest without a key. How am i to unlock it?
    P.s. I didn't read anyone's opinion on this matter I just saw chest and key and thought to myself what a wonderful world. That's some song lyric for you mixed in with this shenanigan of a post opinion on a subject i didn't read before posting the jargon.
  12. I don't see why this shouldn't be a feature so it's a +1 from me. However, as Krysyy said the only issue with this is that when you give someone a key, that key could fall into the wrong hands too.

    Locked chests need a "identifier", like a number that's associated with that chest so that the key can't be used with any chest. Perhaps the name of the player that locked the chest plus a number associated with that player based on the number of chests that the player has locked before could be a good "identifier".
  13. ehhh... This is just too scammable(not being negative about idea, i actually like it, but you should make it so this items cant be traded... Lets Say PlayerA grants a key to PlayerB on a chest of loot(diamonds if u want to exagerate it)... so this would make possible that PlayerB sells(in a hidden way) the key to PlayerC. Now PlayerB is "not
    responsable for the lost of the items inside the chest, because he "lost" the key. "the one who picked up they(which is unknown) would be the officially guilty. so unless you can fix this from happening -1 Other wise, is good =D
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  14. (P.S. that's my actual face right now)
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  15. I usually down vote or don't vote for suggestions. I think this is my first +1.
  16. +1 Great Idea! This would be useful and a creative idea!
  17. I suggest making the key Soulbound so it cant be lost or given to other players. But then there is the issue of the key being mailed. Maybe there could be a feature where the keys cannot be mailed? Other than that I think this is a great idea +1

    EDIT: I came up with a better idea. Instead of the keys not being able to be mailed Maybe once the key is assigned to a player the key will only work for that player. example: Player A assigns a key to Player B but Player B dies and Player C picks up the key and tries to use it but it wont work as it is assigned to Player B. This would then prevent peoples dirty hands getting on your loot
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