[Suggestion] Increase the server render distance.

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by Tamora, Nov 29, 2014.

  1. Currently, to what it looks like the server render distance is set on tiny. I don't see a reason for this. Usless redstone builds are to blame. As a person who plays on 32 - Extreme. I hate this because im just not use to seeing minecraft like this, and I can only see have a residence from me. Perhaps a setting in the player settings menu that allows you to change this so the poor chaps that don't have a powerful computer can have the server render distance on whatever they like while the players with a more of a powerful computer can change it. I think this is a great idea. But as a person who knows very little about coding and all that other nifty stuff, im clueless if its possable, but if so tell us what you to think aikar if its going to have servers more laggy and stuff.
  2. The server render distance is set to what it is to prevent server lag. It has nothing to do with how powerful peoples computers are, they can turn it down for themselves if they need to.
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  3. Yes, I know that but if the server render distance is on lets say 15 and a player plays on tiny render distance, I may look like they are on tiny buy original 15 chunks are still loaded because the server render distance is on 15. That's why I suggested a player setting.
  4. A player setting system would not be possible without reworking how the entire world loading system works.
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