[SUGGESTION] Giving all flags to a person or everyone on your res

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by irlylikeicedtea, Jul 3, 2013.

  1. I have an alt account, and It would be very helpful if you have a friend (that you trust) or an alt account and would like them to have all the flags on your res without having to type in every individual flag name.
  2. There's going to be a grouping system where you can make a group that you can just add players to with all permissions.
  3. You mean groups??? I don't want to give my perms to just anyone in a group…
  4. The feature will make it so you can make permission groups, such as "friends", so that if you want to add your 1000s of friends to a set amount of permissions, you add them all to the group instead of doing it individually. It has nothing to do with the /gr groups.
  5. Okay.

    (I wish I had thousands of friends… :()
  6. It's better to have one or two REALLY good friends than 30 acquaintances
  7. This has been suggested a lot and they are currently making a system for this.