[Suggestion] Feature Sign Frontier Enhancement

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  1. Feature Sign Frontier Enhancement

    So I believe we all know our beloved feature signs (these include signs such as [MESSAGE] and [PREVIEW]); These are probably one of the most versatile features in EMC used in events, casual play, malls and much more.

    Even though these are amazing features, they predominantly exist only in town, since there are a lot of limitations in place for them to be used in the /wild.

    These limitations are:
    • Message signs - even though the purpose of this is usually to set up a fixed message for passers by, it can be easily griefed! If a player has enough dedication and enough luck and lag on their side, they can remove such message books, or completely change them from giving false information to posting malicious content, without alerting the original [message] sign owner
    • Preview signs aren't allowed to exist outside of residences
    My proposed changes:

    • Make [Message] signs optionally lockable - as regular lock chest - they take 1k rupees to make.

    This sign would still remain available for free, and it is what we currently have... So much unused space!
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    This sign would cost 1k rupees to make! Everybody would be able to activate the Message sign and read what it says, but only the designated players and owner would be able to change it

    • Make [Preview] signs available to be used in the /frontier - but only in a lockable state for 1k rupees (no free version)

    This sign would cost 1k rupees to make! Everybody would be able to activate the Preview feature and see what the container has, but only the designated players and owner would be able to change it

    But wait, Tuq, you can already lock Message signs if you use a double chest!
    This is true, however here lies the issue: Double Chest. That's one possible container from the other several options that we have in-game (furnaces, barrels, hoppers, single chest, lecterns, dispensers, droppers...) 2 blocks vs. 1 block of space is quite a difference to use, specially when you are in building unconventional spaces or have to deal with /bmode areas and spawn proofing with slabs.

    My concerns with this idea?
    Well this seems like a win win in all areas, however I do have one reservation... We are talking about the frontier where monsters are everywhere. Ideally, players who would use these features would place them strategically where one would not accidentally receive a Preview Pop-up, which might cause you to distract yourself, however accidents could potentially happen...

    So what would I do to combat the unprobable but possible situations, two options:
    • Increase the price from 1k to 5k to deter misuse of the the [PREVIEW] sign - and maybe give a warning about placing near monster spawning areas...
    • OR If you have been in combat for the last 15 seconds, maybe de-activate Preview Pop-ups
    • OR - For Movement Activation only Preview Signs - instead of the regular container GUI pop-up we get, when stepping over them, a chat message would appear saying:
    " Preview Sign Detected [ Click to See ] " - similar to the [Click to Confirm] message when you initiate a /trade with someone. Only after the person clicks on the chat prompt, the Preview GUI would show up

    So, What are your thoughts on these ideas?

    PS. Since we are also on the topic of revamping EMC signs, it would be very cool if remote shop signs also were possible to be used as Feature signs, mainly [Message] and [Preview]
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