[SUGGESTION] Exact healths for custom mobs and precentages for drops.

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  1. On the wiki!
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  2. I do know the health for the enraged zombie and creeper, Zombie-35 hit points, Creeper-40 Hit points
  3. Early bump, just 29 mins!
  4. this sounds helpful
  5. So, we have Aikar, then a contributor, then me. Aikar summons the Momentus, I say the health of the mob with my damage indicator powers, then the contributor makes the wiki page have the health of the mob.
  6. Health yes, loot is an issue as there is no static value... the bases are already listed on the wiki.

    Very Rare = 1-10%, Rare = 10-25%, Uncommon = 25-50%, then Common, 50-100%, then Always is self explanatory.

    Those give a ballpark on the "area" a loots rarity is around.
  7. Ok, I see. Those ballpark numbers are very good.
  8. Couldn't aikar simply read the health off the coding itself?
  9. He could have forgotten?
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  10. Okay, thanks to the wonders of the dev server and the damage indicators mod.
    • Enraged Creeper - 40 Health
    • Enraged Skeleton - 40 Health
    • Enraged Zombie - 35 Health
    • Netherhound - 16 Health
    • Momentus - 100 Health
    • Marlix - 20 Health
    Now, these are only true based on the assumption that the ones on dev are the same as the live servers, which hopefully Aikar can confirm.
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  11. Thank you for the healths! Why does Mr. Marlix have only 20 health...?
  12. Because he is hard to hit, he is a flying mob, he is a ranged mob that spawns ranged allies.

    Thank god he has 20 health.
  13. :)
  14. that is also why I didnt see much need to post their health numbers though.... Custom mobs have Damage Resistance and Damage Boost potions on them, which drastically effects their overall strength.

    So while marlix only has 20, he still has high resistance and much harder than enraged of course.
  15. What resistance level for marlix? With the level he has, I can calculate the total amount of damage needed to be dealt.
  16. marlix also does not need that much health cause half the time you hit his dumb invulnerable bat
  17. lol