[SUGGESTION] EMC Advertisement Video Contest

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  1. Players would create videos showing off Empire Minecraft, and the staff/panel chosen by admins would vote on the winning video and runner ups.

    1st- "Eye of the Director" - Renamed Eye of Ender & 25,000 Rupees
    2nd - 15,000 Rupees
    3rd - 10,000 Rupees
  2. It would be good, but we'd need a different way to judge because, well, I'm not gonna finish that sentence. I'll let you figure it out.
  3. +1 EMC on YT is pretty much dead. Let's revive the knocked out advertisements!
  4. Yeah! We need some ads if we are going to have EMC TV!
  5. Yeah, the others are so old :p
  6. We are working on getting a few YouTube contests and incentives for making videos out there. There should hopefully be regular content starting reasonably soon from the team itself too - I've been bogged down with exams/coursework.
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  7. Trust me I get it, that's why I haven't uploaded in 2+ months.
  8. I have as well!
  9. Hm, yes! The advertisements by Alex and Heyaroo are good, but I do think we need replacements, as they got quite outdated!
  10. But I do hope that you guys manage to keep the spirit of the server in those videos. Maybe I pay too much attention to details, but my tip: don't focus on the awesome only, also show common stuff.

    Like in the original ad: you get a text saying something like "build anything you like" and then it shows some pretty impressive buildings. And then it emphases anything and you see a mudhut.

    This may look like a funny coincidence to you, but IMO it really captured the whole EMC experience: you are free to do what you want on your res. so you don't have to build huge & awesome structures. You can just as well enjoy the grassland or a mudhut if you'd like.

    So I really hope that future ads will also keep that in mind as well.
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  11. Funnily enough, one of my planned ads showcases literally that feature.
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  12. The ad I'm planning is more focusing on the weekly events, the economy, and how the community interacts with each other.