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  1. Idk how you do this, but I tend to use the face "xD" a lot and I think it would be cool to have a face emoji thing similar to it. Thanks
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  2. Isn't :D basically that? But I do miss a sad face and some others sometimes... like the eggplant
  3. We cannot add them, its down to XenForno or whatever its called :p
  4. It is 100% possible to add emoticons. Whether or not it's worth it or not is another story.
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  5. I stand corrected ;)
  6. As far as I know, these are what the faces mean:
    :) Being helpful, happy, or friendly. (Very common among staff)
    ;) Being helpful, happy, or friendly. (Basically the same as above)
    :( Disappointing or sad about something.
    :mad: Grr, I am angry.
    :confused: Confused?
    :cool: Being helpful, happy, or friendly whilst looking cool.
    :p Implied joke or something funny
    :D Very happy or friendly
    :eek: SAY WHAAAAT? or shocked
    :oops: Made a mistake
    :rolleyes: Referring to something above

    Nothing really for finding something funny.
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  7. I whould say something else:
    :) I'm happy while trying to help people.
    ;) I'm giving a wimp to everyone I see ;)
    :( I don't like it (want jij bent groot en ik is klein)
    :mad: If you don't want to use "bad words", use me!
    :confused: Sorry, but I don't understand what you said, and I don't understand wat annybodey else said either.
    :cool: "Hello" I'm wearing sunglasses, and I am extreemly cool bro.
    :p Na na nana na.
    :D I shouldn't be happy because I'm green, but I am extreemly happy and I want to share it with everyone.
    :eek: Whait, what did you just say? I am exreemly shocked.
    :oops: Oop, I'm sorry, it's my fault, I won't do it again, sorry.
    :rolleyes: I-I d-did not d-do annyting, n-nothing is m-my fault.

    But, indeed, nothing for finding something funny. *is wondering how should look*
  8. StoneSky's emojis are like...
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  9. Uhh
  10. I meant you use :p when you imply that you are saying something funny or something in a joking manner. It's not much of a reaction other than to just respond to somebody to possibly keep the convo going. :p
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  11. I mean something like this.