[SUGGESTION] Correct Stacking of Shiny Products

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by Cyberazaz101, Mar 14, 2014.

  1. I am sorry if this has already been suggested or Aikar has been working on it but, I am sick and tired of shiny arrows and shiny flesh not stacking no matter what I do, can this glitch be fixed or does it have to stay?
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  2. It's a bug. It will be fixed when fixable.

    Suggesting it to be fixed (especially when acknowledging it's a known bug) doesn't speed up the fixing times. :)
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  3. Here is what you do.
    Separate out to SINGLE shiny arrows in your inventory.
    Shift click to make stacks in your chest.

    I have run across problematic shiny arrows. But doing it in the way mentioned above, almost always solves it for me. Same with shiny flesh.

    Hope this helps.
  4. a fix all:
    shift click all of them into your vault
    go to different server as quick as you can after and open vault
    stack any that didnt stack

    that seems to work for me
  5. But that'll cost money...
    oo, I'll give it a try, but because this is a temp fix, I'll still be expecting a perm fix...
  6. it costs 20r if you open the vault on utopia its free so potentially 10r if you do it right either way 5 times you can do this with a completely different dc each time for 100r which is less then 1 round of voting
  7. Aikar keeps saying he fixed it, then Samsimx breaks it.
  8. Ugh I was not aware this was even broken. How many times do I have to fix it :(
  9. To tell you the truth, the 'new' mob drops with shiny items, they always stack for me now.

    Going back into my 'old' shiny arrows ...still seems 'buggy', in that they don't always stack.
    Separating everything out, and re-stacking in a chest seems to do the trick. There is only one arrow I can't get to stack, so I just leave it in the chest by itself, and given some time, I am guessing it will stack again.