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  1. Hello peoples of the Empire. I have been meaning to post this thread for a while, but I have been very busy and keep forgetting. So today I introduce /clog. Basically what this command does is it tells you the last 10 (can be adjusted higher or lower) messages you have said in chat.
    Also, please do not turn this thread into an argument.
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  2. If you open up the chat window by pressing T, you can use the up arrow to scroll through everything you've said. :)
  3. Or just scroll using your mouse :)
  4. I know, but this is more for if you would want to know something you said earlier in the day. :)
  5. I know that you can access your chat logs in your minecraft files. This works just fine for me atm.
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  6. If you said something that early in the day (before logging off), chances are you'll have posted 10 messages since then anyway. I just don't see it being overly practical when you can easily rattle of 10+ messages and bury all old messages. :) Besides, if you said it that early, I doubt you'll need to remember it, and if it's that important, you probably will already know what you said.
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  7. Apart from what has been said above: there are also (client) plugins out there which might be able to do this. For example; I once played with a thing called "ChatLog" which allowed you to store the log in an easier to navigate form (html page iirc) while also keeping all the color codes active. It also allowed you to scroll back more than the default three or 5 pages.

    So I think that might be a better approach than a server-sided plugin.
  8. +1 Seems pretty cool! I like it!
  9. -1 my reasoning has been beat to though :p