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Would you like to see this in EMC?

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  1. So, when you make a thread like this: http://bit.ly/OPXa9U
    you come up with even more ideas than you started with. So, this is my second suggestion of today and it is something to do with chat again. I think we could do with an updated and improved chat.

    So first things first, my player muting suggestion (click here: http://bit.ly/OPXa9U), or the votemute idea that popped up on the thread, would be implemented. Basically, the votemute works by player 1 is harassing player 1, 2 & 3. So 2 & 3 vote to mute the player in chat, and the player will be muted for 1 minute or even more.
    Abuse of the votemute would result in an inability to use it.

    My player muting idea is that when a player is harassing another player in a PM or is spamming the chat, they will be muted by an online admin/moderator for e.g 2 minutes. They will, however, still be able to use commands.

    Now, my new idea. Group PMs.
    Works like a PM on the site, but in-game. Basically you type
    and they will be added into the PM. The max amount of people in a PM at once would be 5.

    To create a PM, they would type
    And they could lock themselves into it, by typing
    Which would make them type into that PM. Typing the command again would unlock them from it.

    No 'how bout no' bear or no memes. If you have anything bad to say keep it constructive.
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  2. Not bad, but I am not so sure about the Mute option...
  3. Ignoramoose liked the idea, i'm just waiting for input from Aikar or ICC. How it works is spammy players get muted by a mod or admin. With votemute, players vote on a player who should be muted. There would, of course, be a limit on how many players you could votemute in a day. Just to prevent abuse of the system.
  4. The actual idea is good... It is just how to apply it that I am not to sure about...
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  5. There should be a forum for soulpunisher's ideas... I like it, and I have been hoping for this for a while.
  6. I really like the group pm idea.
  7. I've wanted it for awhile. It would have really helped back in my smp3 wilderness days before the wild reset. I was an iron supporter back then, and me and my friend hidden from the live-map. AlexHallon has never been a supporter, but what got us griefed is people hiding from the live-map when they seen us talking in chat when we thought we were safe, and then mining all of our hard work and stealing our resources from unlocked chests.
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  8. The Group PM idea could really work, as I have seen some plugins (presumably for PvP servers) that allow people to create groups, invite others to that group and then chat to only those in that group.
  9. Factions is the plugin that makes that happen :p It's a way too mainstream plugin though and would not work with EMC's features. It wouldn't compliment them all to well either.
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  10. It's proof that it can be done though, however.
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  11. Also, I just thought of something else. Votemuting would cost you 5r each time you used it.
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  12. Just my opinion on muting... The main purpose to multiplayer is community, and if you can't talk, there really is no point. If someone is barred from chatting for two minutes, it is essentially the same as being kicked or temp banned for a few minutes.
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  13. But they can still play, and it is just a few minutes. You really don't want to see players saying
    "Can I have a free diamond?" over & over again. I don't see a reason for them to be kicked or temp. banned(lets forget /ignore exists) I just want them to be gone for a few minutes.
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  14. If you see someone begging for items in chat so frequently that it is detracting significantly from your playing experience, /report and /ignore. A player is more likely to not break rules over and over again when the consequences actually affect them.
  15. I believe we've discussed muting before but decided not to.

    Kicking/Tempbanning gets a more stern message across as when their chat behavior prevents them from playing the game, they are more likely to want to behave.

    A mute is a "oh well, ill go into the wild for a bit to wait it off".

    As for the other idea, I have some plans that relates to similar to this that will solve your overall goals.
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  16. The one thing about mutes I can possibly see working is having them to supplement a kick/ban for a chat related offence. Say someone spams, they get kicked, then muted for 5 minutes. That way, you're telling them that their behaviour has consequences, and give them a little while to think about it (since 99% of the time, people seem to login straight after they're kicked).
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  17. Wewt xD
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  18. I like your thinking! Group PM's would be incredibly useful in a range of situations!
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