[Suggestion] Boss spawns Acoording to difficulty

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Should this be added

Yes 1 vote(s) 14.3%
Coolblox100 thats the worst idea i've ever heard 5 vote(s) 71.4%
Meehh i know were ya going 1 vote(s) 14.3%
  1. Boss spawns are very VERY rare. So rare u cannot find them under hours and hours of searching what if, what if. we made boss spawns a little bit common. (According to Difficulty)

    1. No Spawn
    2. Barely A chance
    3. Ultra very rare
    4. Ultra rare
    5. 50 / 50 chance
    6. Uncommon but rare
    7. Uncommon but likely to spawn
    8. Very, Very Likely
    9. Always
    10 (if your crazy enough) will spawn 2 at a time

    Ender King :cool:
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  2. I do not think that this is a great idea. People can abuse this feature to get mobs faster and make it so you can get more loot in less time.
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  3. They can be more stronger according to the difficulty
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  4. If the mob despawns if you switch it to low, that would help, but assuming you beat all the bosses, that means you just get more rewards and more tokens.
  5. 1.Yeah if u switch it to low the boss will despawn

  6. -1

    Like Olaf already stated, people can abuse the difficulty setting by doing this. And some people are naturally good at Pvp and may have they're difficulty on a higher setting. People getting items for what skill they have with a sword / bow seems unfair to the rest of the community.
  7. I don't really get how your system of chance works... What's more likely, 50/50 or uncommon but rare?
  8. And, another factor, what if there are two players? One at level 10, the other at level 1? Which would it choose to spawn in? It can't spawn in one to the level 1 guy, since, you know, he's level one and all, but there IS a level 10 player, and it is supposed to spawn two for him. Where does this idea go with situations like that? I doubt it could detect both of them at different difficulty levels and accurately perform an action after doing so. As the above posts stated, if these bosses always spawned on, say, difficulty 9, it'd be easy to kill and farm their items with the right tools (notch apples, a few sets of armor.) Also, what classifies as always? Does it mean as soon as one dies, another spawns, or does it mean they only spawn within certain time frames at level 9, or . . ?
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  9. No.
    Quite simply, I think the one-chance-to-spawn-per-hour is good.
  10. -1 For all the obvious reasons.
    +1 For at least always having an idea. :)
  11. We appreciate the idea but as many has discussed, there are many issues with the idea.

    We put careful thought into spawn rates and item drop rates to ensure consistency in rarity.

    and this would compromise on that.