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  1. Since most, if not all, promos celebrate US holidays/things, I thought we could have some kind of firework for Bonfire Night, a thing most (also ex?)-countries on the United Kingdom celebrate (not sure about Scotland and Ireland.).

    I can haz idea on what you celebrate on this day?
    On the 5th November 1605, a guy (see what I did there? no? ok :c) called Guy Fawkes, among other conspirators, planned to blow up the English Parliament (to be specific; the House of Lords) when it opened.

    Amazing plot twist; Guy and his conspirators failed. I can't remember the exact reason why, and this isn't a history lesson, but i'm fairly sure it was due to the gunpowder not doing anything. I digress; he and his plotters were caught, Guy was hanged, drawn and quartered, and most of the others were executed too. Their heads were placed on spikes outside the House of Lords. Boom. Fawkes and his homies were cut up into little tiny pieces and disemboweled. The end.

    Err... where's the celebration in all of this?
    (I feel like i'm generalizing people with these titles...)
    In the UK (England and Wales celebrate this, not sure about Ireland and Scotland.), we celebrate his failure by setting off fireworks, making effigies of Foxxy Fawkes, and tossing them (or hanging them etc.) into bonfires which can be found on pretty much every field in the country (k, maybe not. But that's how it is in my county).

    I like it because fireworks and massive fires.

    K, so what's the promo?
    Some kind of firework with Union Jack colours, or some other special things. The only thing I can think of without giving everyone GTMD (Griefing Tools of Mass Destruction) is a firework :p

    If you have any other ideas for this, put your idea in a reply.

  2. Well...we kinda just got a new promo. I don't think they'd release another one within 2 weeks of each other.
  3. I thought this had already been suggested at some point, plus its the same as the remembrance day promo that has been suggested - too many in such a short period of time.
  4. +1 I think this should be a promo for this is widly celebrated and remembered in the UK. :)
  5. Although it's really short notice, a lored fire block would be sick, and function as sole bound flint and steel.
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  6. Actually the plot was revealed in an anonymous letter, which then led to a search that eventually caught guy fawkes red handed :p
    Also it was an assassination attempt on the current king -james 1st, not just the house of lords itself
  7. If I remember rightly the gunpowder did go off or got damp from being open and in the basement.
  8. I believe this was suggested a while ago. I may be wrong, but I still don't really agree with this promotional item.

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  9. I've been behind an idea like this for a while. I am an American, and I feel bad for all my fellow EMCers across the pond who don't get a promo of their own. Some people discredit it because they believe that the reason for celebration is not as important (not gonna get into whether or not it's true), but the fact of the matter is that it is a big deal to all the Brits out there.

    +1, I only wish that I could upvote it even more
  10. Bumpybumperooeyness.
  11. Yea I agree there should be a promo but maybe not the Union Jack? Guy Fawkes is massively celebrated in my country (NZ)
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  12. I had no idea it was celebrated outside of the UK ._.
    Maybe something to do with the commonwealth, then? Or maybe a 'bonfire' that's really just a block you could place and have instant, forever-fire?
    I have no idea anymore xD
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  13. Yea, I believe it is celebrated in Australia as well? Correct me if I'm wrong.
    I honestly feel like we're getting too many firework promos.
    So yea maybe a block, or flint and steel? Just throwing in my 2 cents :p
  14. I don't know if its celebrated in Australia or not tbh. I know a few Australians, but they have never mentioned Bonfire Night to me.
    I was going to suggest a Flint and Steel thing, but, y'know... WMD laws and all...
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  15. why not fireworks? that's a thing that happens, right?
  16. Yea I know but I just feel like there's too many firework promos. Because this celebration isn't just about fireworks, then the opportunity to use another item should be greatly looked upon.
  17. Well, yeah, they are the main reason most people like Bonfire Night (I like it purely because I can set fire to things), but firework promos are, as huckleberry said, overdone.

    EDIT: As Huckleberry also said; people do other things on that night other than set off fireworks :p
    Also, question; do you have bonfires on independence day, or just fireworks?
  18. When you said bonfire - and promo ... the thing that popped in my head was 6 sided log, with the top always on fire

    and if you stand near it (or on it) ...it would say random guy fawkes spirit quotes XD
  19. It should be like not special dirt, except we get gunpowder.
    It doesn't do anything, it just has a rename.
    It does as much as Fawkes' powder did.
  20. That actually sounds cool :p
    Although instead of Fawkes quotes (maybe we could have both? :p), I was thinking more along the lines (ha, geddit? no? kk) of V for Vendetta quotes, since they're kind of fitting :3