[Suggestion] Anti Res Breaking

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  1. Are you tired of having to waste money, because people can freely steal or break on your res? Me, too. This thread is to post what can be altered on your res even if perms aren't given:

    Minecarts - People can steal them even without build or use perms [RESOLVED]

    Netherrack on fire - People can put out the fire even without build or use perms [RESOLVED]

    Trap Door - People can enderpearl through them even without use [Semi - Resolved]

    Block Glitching - People can temporarily jump over objects without being kicked by the system (now you can shift click jump with chests and it doesn't count as you standing on a full block)

    Boats - People can place and ride in boats on a res even without use or build [RESOLVED]

    Yet To Be Resolved: How to fix this? (suggestion)

    Block Glitching, have it so people can't use their inventory (placing objects period) like it denies them - unless they are on a res or area with build perm true (or place perm)


    Minecarts: Requires Use to place, Container for a Minecarts with chest, furnace, and hopper, and build to remove them the Minecarts.

    Boats: Requires Use to place, Build to destroy.

    Trap Door - To Prevent, Just Turn Enderpearl Perm to False

    Netherrack on Fire - Now You Need Use or Build to Put Out Fire

    Please Comment what you think about this - thanks :)
  2. * Claps quietly and slow, then clap louder and faster* Amazing, truly amazing... lol:D You are right caleb, this is a good idea.
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  3. I like the ideas but I'm not sure if it's possible for boats, minecarts and block glitching.

    Boats - aren't they entities? I don't think that it's possible to add protection for them, just like hopper minecarts, ect.
    Minecarts - " "
    Block glitching - although it would take a lot of freedom away from town, it's a good idea. I remember Jack mentioning the idea of just giving everyone Adventure mode in town (except on your res(s))
    There is always the option of doing -move everyone though.
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  4. actually, i tested hopper minecarts, chest minecarts, and furnace minecarts - they are all 3 fixed under use perms - but you can still break them
  5. That must mean that they can't be protected then, right?
  6. The minecart thing bothers me a lot, it's not fair at all. Also the block glitching and enderpearl use, it completely ruins parkour games with reward.

    I don't think the -move solution is an option, again, it's simply not fair that because of a few possible abusers we have to deny access and fun to everyone else. I can't wait to see all the new flags we'll be getting soon and hopefully they will help fixing some of these issues.
  7. We are? I know that adding new flags causes a lot more lag, so are you sure?
  8. That's why I was waiting to make this thread; I previously thought that they just could NOT have perms set to them, until I tested them today and noticed the carts had container protection on them, then I realized 'hey, maybe I could tell about all the things people had access to freely on my reses.

    Me either, Sometimes I want people on my res, but I ONLY want them in certain areas; sometimes I want certain areas off limits or untouchable (like the noteblock mechanics to mine and math's song, or the minecart in my shop display) but if people are able to break through the trapdoor and mess up noteblocks - or go to my shop display and steal my minecart - it makes me want to take away move perm - but sometimes I don't know who done it, and it wouldn't be fair for me to turn move off for everyone.
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  9. If it is possible these sound like good ideas. And alex basically anything is possible with the bukkit api. They could put perms onto these objects.
  10. Why not just include that into use?
  11. Absolutely, just don't know when and it will surely take its time. I asked Dwight some time ago about requesting Aikar to allow people breaking only certain blocks in my res and the answer was that it was on the to do list about new flags. And given that JustinGuy appears as one of the devs of the Residence plugin and there are so many flags available, we should be getting to see some of that work, I guess.

    I am not sure but I believe that Residence already has the subzone feature in it, or at list it's in progress, you can check it ou here: http://residencebukkitmod.wikispaces.com/Command list

    I too like the idea of having private areas, I've recently had to build extra roofs and I'm thinking about making an uderground workshop just to have some peace and privacy while I craft.
  12. I'm not so sure about that. I know that Aikar wants to add flags, but I don't think he would because of the extra lag that it'd cause.
  13. I don't know about Aikar, I just can tell you what Dwight said. But it would be a waste to improve the hardware and then don't use it to develop and grow. At least I hope we don't get stuck with what we have right now, even if it's pretty good, because that would lead to boredom in the end :/
  14. Yes, it would be under lset command - which allows for individual items or blocks to be ignored or banned from individual residences, however currently on emc it is disabled and only the admin's can change it for you - I only know one residence that has an lset of blocks, which is JackBiggin2's res - having it so people can't break any block, except the snow (for a spleef arena) ...
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  15. Precisely, Jack's residence example was the reason why someone suggested me to ask about it, but I didn't know about the technical details, thanks for the explanation.
  16. Last time I asked Aikar, he said he was working on making lset public. The problem with is that it's hardcoded to have /resadmin access only, instead of /res - meaning the currently the only way to allow everyone to use it is to make them res admins.
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  17. Well even though we may have are disagreements...
    I have to agree with here! I mean I have seen too many times in chat saying 'someone stole my minecart'.
    I think that if there was a vehicle perm for this it would be fine.
    Now with the netherack thing... I think the ignite perm should be the thing that stops it.
  18. Ignite just disables flint and steel usage - not putting it out.
  19. I thought it did...
    Oh well.
  20. For those that want to see - le bump