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  1. I am suggesting a simple thing that may be hard to implement idk code. Horse usage! And make it when they get killed they are sent into your current open stable or your res if it's full. Or just the middle of the pvp arena. Horse pvp adds complete new types of fighting and I think it would be a good addition :) Thanks for reading!
  2. The maps are not very horse friendly. Perhaps a larger, 60x60 PVP arena located at the bottom made for horse battles and such?

    +StoneSlab, though.
  3. Only if larger maps are created for it...
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  4. Good idea! It would be cool to have another arena just for horse battling. Maybe make it so your horse can't be killed and when you die you are still on your horse. +1
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  5. Good Ideas! Maybe they could make simple ones just to implement this then make them more elaborate in the future?
    I was going to suggest that but it sounds very hard to code... :p
  6. Love the Idea!

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  7. Well you already can't hurt someone else's horse, so they would just have to come up with a code that makes it impossible to get off your horse.
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  8. I can only think of one thing. JOUSTING!!!. +1
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  9. +Doggie (+10000)
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  10. The only problem is that I don't have a great horse. :(
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  11. as long as you couldnt hurt the horses i dont see a problem with this, i think the pvp arenas have different code then the rest of the server tho so it might function different
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  12. The less pvp the better :D

    My behinds still hurt from trying to take on /pvp with nothing more but my trusty voters gear. (sorry: no heads)

    Now that I've learned that you keep your things... who knows, I may take out my vengeance on you guys someday (sorry: still no heads then).
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  13. +1
    I <3 TO JOUST!
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  14. May = you won't? k
  15. +chocolatebar <3
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  16. if there was bigger maps, yes +-1
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  17. Great idea!
  18. I support this idea, however, larger maps will be needed. I think that you should take this to the next level. I suggest a map large enough to support:

    1) 60 players at once (and horses)
    2) Dynamic Map Environment (For Battlefield players, you'll know what this is)

    Basically, a Battlefield-scale FFA arena in Minecraft. Man, that would be so interesting to see.
  19. I doubt that will happen, probably just a bigger map. On thing at a time :p
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