[suggestion] Alert 'seperate' ping tones

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  1. I find that the personal chat alerts are very handy (being a mod - exceptionally so), but would like to be able to have different tones to some of the 'words' I add , rather than the current 'all the same' (but adjustable) tone. So i can audibly note the difference between friends, staff, certain words, cry's for help, etc.

    I assume it could be done simply using with the default command - by adding a number value to the end of the 'add' command which represent the tone applied to that word. So the command would look like:
    /chat alert add (trigger) (tone)

    Of course, if you omit the (tone) it would just use the default one (set by your /PS)

  2. +1

    This needs to be noticed more.

    Also, I don't recall it being possible to set different tones for PM and name mentions. That could be a cool addition too.
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