[ Suggestion ] Add Rainbow Code for Signs

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  1. I'm not sure about you guys, but I love a good rainbow text. It's possible to create your own rainbow text but it's tedious and there's not many characters you could fit on one individual line (due to the actual code segment).

    I suggest (if possible) a creation of a new code, possibly &r, which changes the text color to "rainbow". This code will be similar to all the other ones shown in "/colors". Please give me some feedback in the comments :)
  2. Ahhhh that dark purple hurts my eyes!! Plz change it! Isn't there another code for &r?
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  3. I really think its a good idea but think how hard it would be. I still think its a good idea.:D
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  4. I thought &r was used already... also, would this really be able to actually fit more on a line?
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  5. Yea, just realized that was a code for something else.
    Easier to provide examples rather than explaining. Let &u represent the rainbow code.

    Without Rainbow Code: &4R&6A&eI&2N&1B&5O&dW = RAINBOW

    With Rainbow Code: &uRAINBOW = RAINBOW
  6. Just gonna leave a +1 here ;)
  7. If this was added, it would just aliases the whole &aH&be&cl&dl&eo thing you have to do. It wouldn't bypass the character limit because of how the Minecrafts work.
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  8. Yea that's what I meant...I think.

  9. I like the idea a lot. :) However, the one thing that worries me is that then the community might call for even more ideas until the whole thing gets lengthly, sloppy, and difficult for Aikar. I, upon seeing this, might wonder why we don't have one that allows for a color code pattern as well once prefixed with &p. For example, &p&a&bPATTERN would yield PATTERN and &p&a&b&dPATTERN would yield PATTERN. Eventually the whole thing would just get kind of ridiculous. :p
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  10. 2015-06-03_11.00.56.png
    Just incase people need this for references, here y'all go :) .

    Any way, I like this idea, because I once wanted to name my sword in pvp "RainbowChins' Fury" in rainbow text [ guide on how to name items in PVP click me. ]

    Any way you get a +1 for this idea :)
  11. I'm going to be blunt here: This falls VERY far down on the priority list and likely wouldn't work because any code would have to bypass the character limit on signs. At the moment, there are bigger fish to fry.
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  12. That's exactly what I meant, thanks for putting it more clearly! :)
  13. Server side there is no limit to sign character lengths - a sign could support a full uuid, hash, names longer than the sign...

    But to visually see it - there are set limits (which is client side) which would require a mod if you tried typing it yourself...

    However, since this rainbow system is only changing the display of each character, and not physically adding characters on the display - yes it is possible... (unless you try to manually type them, then it's not possible)

    I've made one before, but it takes awhile to write - it's around 400-500 (plus the other 200 for the other code checks) in lines of code to be completely thorough.

    Each color code amount on a line (that a player can type) is roughly 8 times (for the rainbow) ...

    You need to replace &u, §u, and §U with &U - and the same with R (the reset code) ...

    (this isn't including adding the other codes and formats along with it as well in the string lookup)


    You'd then do a string utils count match to get the total amount of times it occurs per line

    then do a string difference between the occurrence and the next occurrence, the occurrence and the end of the string, or the occurrence and the reset code ...

    after you do all the checkings, then you do a string size check 'of' the occurrence


    then you'd split the characters within the string and add in the bukkit color codes (unless you want to type up your own) between each character displayed between the occurrences or reset codes
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