Stupidist ban reason

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  1. Whats yours? I got banned for planting a tree in a forest :\
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  2. Mine is the time when I... Oh wait, I don't have one, I didn't get banned...
  3. This wasnt on emc.
  4. Hm... Mine was when i mined a Stone and i accydentally got into someones underground house.
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  5. Wow, that is some strict moderation there to ban someone for planting a tree. How bored must they be to go around doing that? :p
  6. Instead of laughing about it, why don't you unban him?
  7. mine was when i was OP on a diff server the owner banned me for building (its freebuild)
  8. Cause he said it happened on another server, not on EMC. :)
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  9. I wasn't on this server
  10. Oh right, my bad :) Derp Derp
  11. Just like this guy:
  12. Once i got banned for asking if i could be moderator xD.
    "hey admin, can i help you by moderating this?"
  13. I have seen this before xD
  14. that was funny
  16. Ok well that was worth a HAHAHAHA... :eek:
  17. Got banned for arguign over Star Wars.
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  18. Now that was silly xP
  19. I Just got banned for telling the Admin on lemon-craft tha he acts like a 7 year old and he should grow up (He was complaining that no one was on the server and I said because "they went to EMC :p" so I just got Banned

    The stuff above was made for your entertainment I didn't get banned. Sadly :p
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  20. I got banned for walking to the admins stupid boat on this server me and my friend found accidentally. He said he can see the future.... -_-