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  1. Hello people of Empire Minecraft. Putting this thread up just for general re-use as needed.
    (Shameless self-promo)

    On occasion I may choose to stream code or something else on my Twitch channel. https://www.twitch.tv/chickeneer
    And perhaps hang out in the EMC discord. Drop a follow if you have a twitch account already :)

    Generally speaking I cannot always do Voice chatting, as it can be highly distractive to thinking, so this is just when I want to and am in the right mood.

    Additionally, not all coding is appropriate for public sharing, so that is going to be a common limit on me not doing this all the time. Also am busy irl quite often, so I generally do not have the energy to have a stream after working during the day.

    Anywho... :)
  2. Bumping this. As I think I'll be working on doing some coding work tonight, and might stream it.
    After firefloor that is
  3. I am going to do some streaming of 1.17 patch work tonight. For a few hours anyway.
  4. Hey I am coding some stuff for a couple hours tonight. Not going to be going too long - as I probably should get some sleep at a reasonable time. Swing by if you want.

  5. Going to be testing the 1.19 update for a couple hours. Hanging out in Discord plus streaming it. tbh, mainly trying to re-experience Vanilla Minecraft to compare and understand how it compares with the EMC experience. If anyone wants to hang out.


    Edit: it is over, but definitely gained some good insights about Vanilla MC. Not really much about 1.19 - but oh well.
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  6. I am going to be livestreaming in a couple minutes to work on the 1.19 update - if anyone wants to peek in on the fun. Probably will work on it for 3-4 hours. :)

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  8. ooof cant be there
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  9. I am going to stream for a couple hours. Going to look into 1.19.4's feature of Text Displays. :)

    Edit: (it is ended)
  10. why i am always missing it probely becouse im sleeping but yea can i wachts it back
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  11. Another late night, another random stream.

    I am going through the features of Empires, trying to organize out how to explain this feature plus organize out what needs to be finished for a roll-out soon. (tm)

    Edit: Done. Found lots of bugs and stuff to improve. :)
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  12. can u wachts it back ??
  13. nah, I didn't record it.
  14. i wana wachts it back its always like midnigt
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