Strange SMP6 wild things

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  1. I was in the smp6 wild and all of a sudden in red letters in the chat it said "The ground shakes nearby..." should I take caution, is it a bug, or a new thing in update, or awesome EMC scaring people. Let me know!
  2. ICC is angry at us, he makes the ground shake.
  3. It's a new thing in the update, be careful though, don't know whats going to pop up around the corner. :p
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  4. Like Ahzeriel said, it's part of the new "Survival Update". There are going to be heaps of unexpected surprise in the Frontier/Wild. :)
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  5. That means there is a giant nearby :p
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  6. We'll come kill it for you!
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  7. well, i was on and then there was a giant zombie about 12 blocks high and 5 thick, im scared. U cant harm it either
  8. also, is anyone else kicked from minecraft now
  9. me is scared for survival update =O
  10. is currently offline.

    No-one can connect. EMC staff can't fix this problem.
  11. Oh that explains a LOT of things =D
  12. I lagged, turned around, and this thing called an "Enraged Skeleton" popped up. next thing I know, I'm at 2 hearts and it's in my face, I got some hits on it, though. Then I logged out, because it freaked me out, and I never read about the updates xD
    Anyone else fight one, and is there some "Weakness" to them, so I don't die the second I log back on?

    Go Survival Update ;)
  13. Run?
  14. I believe you are invincible for a couple of ticks so try to run away and box yourself in. Regen, then kill it.
  15. Thanks, I'm going to try it now, wish me good luck.

    I died xD
    Good thing I had nothing big on me. Thing is, I respawned in the bed of somewhere farther from spawn than where I was already. I was lost to start with, no I have to go farther xD
  16. has anyone here met an enraged creeper yet? i know i have
  17. I've met two.