Sticky Donations

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  1. Hi, i am on the smp1 server, this post is just asking for anyone out there who has a slime farm and has plenty of sticky pistons/slimeball to come to 1593 at smp1 and donate some that would be helpful i thank all who donate if you donated and want an advertisement send me a ingame msg if iam not on u can also msg me on the forums. I will be adding a hall of fame/advertisement area soon :) hall of fame are for people who completed my game courses the fastest and people who donated most to me thank you all.

    Details of donations: i use all donations from ruppess to item donations for my game course which many players have played in :) so the sticky pistons will help very much because iam comming up with a course that requires sticky pistons and i cant really afford anything all the money ive earned so far was from my races or from donations i spend most of my time building :) and/or planing up a new course.

    I have set up a chest that u can donate to right when u visit my res at 1593 it is there on the sides