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  1. So I was talking with IcecreamCow about the possibilities of making a Steam Game trading thread, and he told me:

    ...So Here it is.. :3
    This thread is here to trade steam games, however, only game for game transactions are considered legit on here as trading games for rupees or other items skirts a fine line of legitimacy, so only game for game trades are allowed in this thread.

    Have: Toki Tori (Steam gift), Enclave (Steam gift), Civ 5 (Humble Bundle key for Steam)
    Want: Game offers, or maybe a SR4 Season Pass.. :p
    EDIT: After asking ICC, Steam/Game Inventory items viewable in Steam (TF2, Portal 2, Steam, Spiral Knights, etc..), such as trading card, TF2 items, emoticons, etc.. are also tradable in this thread.. :)
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  2. Have: Toki Tori (Steam gift), Enclave (Steam gift), Civ 5 (Humble Bundle key for Steam)
    Want: Game offers (I kinda want Edna & Harvey: The Breakout), and/or maybe a SR4 Season Pass.. :p
  3. o3o.. I guess that I am the only one with a surplus of extra (and duplicate) steam games, interested in trading them.. :oops:
  4. I have a spare copy of VVVVVV
    Taking offers
    (Wishlist: FTL, Civ 5 gods & kings expansion :p)

    I also have an Angel Ring for Ragnarok online 2/ Price some other item (tf2 scrap or something) or an emoticon (or profile background :p)
    (I sure hope steam items are still okay to trade here)
  5. If I have a code for for a game, can I trade it?
  6. There are a few interesting games out there I would like to buy, but I don't see spending $20 for a game that is still in alpha.

    Even though Minecraft pulled that off in a big way. And even then I bought it when it was in Beta, not Alpha. Err.
  7. Well judging on how the humble bundle should be a code then yes. (unless it was changed to links)
  8. I have a code for the mark of the ninja. I am trading it away.
  9. Humble Bundle now does links, but the code (Gamekey) for the item is directly injected into the steam account linked to your humble account, but in response to the earlier question, as long as the key is valid, I do not see any problem with it not being tradable as long as its you are not selling games for rupees or whatever.. And I would need to ask ICC if steam inventory items are tradable (Such as cards, booster packs, game items, coupons, wallpapers, emoticons, etc..) here as well, but I don't see any problem for those either..
  10. Minecraft was cheaper in Alpha or so I hear..
  11. Have: Scribblenauts Unlimited Key
    Batman Arkham City Key
    Ace of Spades Gift
    Supreme Commander, Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance, The Guild 2 and Red Faction Armageddon Key (all one)
    Worms Blast Key
    Worms Crazy Golf Key
    Worms Armageddon Key
    Worms Pinball Key
    Worms Blast Key
    Worms Ultimate Mayhem Key
    Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians
    Want: Gunpoint
    Democracy 3
    Assassins Creed (original, 2, or Ezio Trilogy)
  12. this died ; - ;
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  13. Yup, pretty much.. It died quicker than my AMA where I was going to be giving away my last head (there are only 3 known heads already in circulation although I do not know their whereabouts and I have an unspecified amount that I will not be circulating, after giving the AMA head).. :oops:
  14. The last post is from less then a year ago, how did it die.
  15. I have many tf2 items... My ign is adindrabkin
  16. died off a bit
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  17. I have some TF2 items I'll trade, I'll list then here when I get home.
  18. It was 10 usd in alpha
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  19. Anyways here's a list of items I have that I will trade
    The cloak and dagger
    The beggars bazooka
    The escape plan (x2)
    The equalizer
    The back scratcher
    The sangu sleeves
    Buffalo steak sandvich
    Frontier Justice
    Connivers Kunai
    Strange Rescue Ranger (will only trade other strange weapons for)

    My steam name is slash14459