Starting a new Business | Suggestions and recommendations

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  1. Setting up a business on EMC is something that crosses most of our minds at some point, since it's a great way to have fun and make money. However, running a business isn't all fun and games - and of course comes with it's responsibilities.

    The first thing you'll of course need to decide is what sort of your business you intend to setup. You've got fairly free reign here, however a few things aren't allowed, such as banks. Other businesses have rules and regulations behind them such as games, and casinos. If the sort of business you intend to run is unusual, especially if it involves rupees or other players' items, then it's best to contact the staff team before setting it up. If you don't, and it turns out the business you're running isn't allowed, then you may be asked to shut it down. This sucks, so it's always best to ask ahead of time!

    Well, there's the boring bit out of the way. When you've decided what you're business is going to do, then basically, go for it! Here's a few tips to stay within the rules, and maximize your enjoyment:
    • Stay legit. A good business never scams, and is never deceitful.
    • Stay clear. A forum thread, or signs on your res is a great way to communicate important info. If someone asks for clarification, then tell them what they want to know!
    • Stay fun. If you're no longer enjoying running your business, then is there any real reason to continue?
    • Stay within each and every rule. This should be a given, but sometimes, it seemingly isn't. Going right to the boundaries of the rules isn't really the best idea either.
    Hopefully these tips will help out any new entrepreneurs. Good luck!
  2. Are banks not allowed on a private basis? Like, is the rule not that you can have a bank among a small group, but not as a public service for anyone to use?
  3. I've got no idea. Whatever the banking threads says is how it works - so if it says "don't run a bank", then well... don't.
  4. Personal "lending" of money is acceptable. Such as I have borrowed some money from a friend before to get some building done on my lot. There is a big difference between that and the issue addressed in the Bank post.
  5. That's interesting, thanks for the useful info ^_^
  6. Exactly. If a player makes a profit on it, I believe it's safe to consider it a bank.
  7. Also, make sure you know exactly what you are doing before you start up...
  8. If one were to want to start a touring business, would they need to contact an admin? I would like to start giving new or existing members yours of the EMC servers. I think that this will allow them to get more educated about their surroundings.
  9. No you wouldn't need to contact an admin. You only need to contact an admin if you are making a casino or something with games.
  10. I can't think of any business to run.... The only way I earn rupees is by selling logs to 413. I don't earn much rupees doing that.