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  1. Question; why can't we just do this on our own residences for free?
  2. Note that punishments are decided by staff, not you.

    Good luck with this venture :)
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  3. this kind of sounds like something you'd do... though, with something you'd do... it would come with many paragraphs, explaining each and every reason why its a good idea and why everyone should give you their rupees.
    we may have a volt minime in the process.

    but yes, i agree, i wouldn't pay anything to have a shop on someone elses res when i have my own res, that is safe and secure and i can do what i want! :)
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  4. I believe I did something to this description, though I charged around 100 times the price.
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  5. If i were to do this... and i get griefed by another shop owner would there be compensation? Do you even have enough to repay unhappy clients if that does happen?
  6. hm, why not start a business which uses architectural expertise to collaborate with people to make good shops?
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  7. Its just if you dont have any "space"
  8. Thx
  9. Yes there would i have money to repay if you get Griefed
    I am sitting on a balloon hoping to get people I really am sitting on one and i hope it doesnt pop..
  10. Good idea can i use it?
  11. Some people use their shops to give people materials but then the have no space to make a shop so this is an alternate for that with the money you'd make i would think you'd get enough to pay 5r which you can just vote also its a very low fee that just pays for the shop making :)
  12. Everyone has, at the very minimum, around 460,000 blocks of space with which to build in. The vast majority of the time, most people have quite a large supply of space, few people run out, therefore there is very little demand for more space that isn't met by having extra residences.

    Absolutely, nothing I can really do with it since I'm busy.
  13. Sometimes people have shops but no one come to them. This way people will come and see all the prices and the shopskeepers will get money because Minecrafters will come and look.Its not just for people that don't have space.
  14. Well, if you're worried about people not seeing shops, why not just replace the whole marketplace idea with a pressure-plate hub directing people to all the shops of a server?
    And of course, you could keep track of prices and stuff, let people know where to get stuff cheap.
  15. No i mean like res shops