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  1. I'm building at 8889 on SMP4! If you would like to see go to 8888 on SMP4 and turn around ;)

    Okay so you may know that I'm the guy who built the clock tower at 9088... Well the thing is I'm not really into that classical design, I merely built it because it was the coolest blueprint I could find. The other thing is that because it was a blueprint that I found I never really felt that awesome feeling of "yeah I built this!" it more like oh look at this cool place I live in... So now I will be reconstructing my reidence, this time it'll be entirely all my design (also no VITIRI magic has gone into it yet so at this stage all my redstone too ^_^), but the ting is as many of you my know I have a favourite block... LAPIS! So of course I included it in the design...

    Sooo you may be curious... what exactly would I need to gather in order to complete this build?
    • Glass, 4992
    • Lapis Lazuli Block, 5892
    • Sandstone, 48
    • Sticky Piston, 64
    • Block of Iron, 652
    • Sandstone Slab, 9962
    • Obsidian, 528
    • Block of Diamond, 4
    • Redstone Torch, 64
    • Glowstone, 578
    • Stone Bricks, 10521
    • Stone Brick Stairs, 1822
    • Birch Wood Slab, 8876
    • Sandstone Stairs, 300
    • Birch Wood Stairs, 297
    • Beacon, 4
    • Redstone, 305
    • Redstone Repeater, 13
    So as you can see I have coloured the amounts accordingly to what I have, green means I have everything, yellow means I have nearly everything & red means I have practically nothing :(

    --I have set up item donation chests and easy rupee donation sdirt shop at 8888 on SMP4--

    So here's where to community comes in, donations of items on the list or rupees will help out heaps! If you don't want to just give stuff away then perhaps you could do me a deal on items ;) Or perhaps you've seen the item on sale somewhere? Let me know that too :D

    Every little bit helps :D

    Thanks in Advance
    If you want to be on this, please donate items, donate rupees, help in construction (when I request help) or get me a good deal on items =)
    • NINJATTILA ~ Donating some Zelda Moneys (3401r)
    • ob1bob69 ~ Donating ALL the required Stone Brick, Stone Brick Stairs & great item deals on Lapis Lazuli Blocks
    • HurferDurfer1 ~ Donating 5 stacks of Sandstone Stairs & 8 stacks of Glass
    • Crazy1800 ~ Donating 38 stacks of Glass, 3 stacks of Sandstone Slabs, 14 stacks of Redstone & great item deals on Lapis Lazuli Blocks
    • Crazy1080 ~ Donating 20 stacks of Birch Planks
    • Zaferty ~ Donating 2 stacks of Sandstone Slabs, 2 stacks of glass & great item deals on Lapis Lazuli Blocks
    • stormboy231 ~ Assisting with construction
    • RoriOCookie ~ Assisting with construction
    • 5weety ~ Donating 5 stacks of Lapis Lazuli Ore, 15 stacks of Lapis Lazuli, 1 stack of Lapis Lazuli Blocks & Assisting with construction
    • creeper3846 ~ Donating 6 stacks of Glass
    • darthin ~ Donating 1 stack of Glass & 1 stack of Lapis Lazuli
    • dannydan ~ Donating 54 stacks of Sandstone
    • antienoob ~ Donating 16 stacks of Sand, 3 stacks of Sandstone, 5 stacks of Sandstone Slabs & 5 Lapis Lazuli Blocks
    • Pab10S ~ Great item deals on Lapis Lazuli Blocks
    • BailiB ~ Donating 5 obsidian, 1 stack of Lapis Lazuli Blocks, 7 stacks of Lapis Lazuli, 9 stacks of Glass & 10'000 rupees
    • sammydog12 ~ Donating 50 rupees
    • pizzaboyantonio2 ~ Donating 2 stacks of Sandstone, 1 stack of Glass, 14 Redstone Dust & 100 rupees
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    It's done and you can see it at 8889 on SMP4 :D
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  4. [RESERVED]Not sure yet, I'll probably need it xD
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  5. i will donate as soon as i get the stuff!
  6. Alright thanks :D I will hopefully have the donate chests set up within 10mins, not just for you but for anyone interested ;)
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  7. i have so much cobble stored away in a wild base, ill transport it and smelt :p
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  8. I shall donate some Zelda Moneys to you ;)
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  9. That's alot of lapis lazuli :eek:
  10. I will donate all of the stone brick blocks and stairs. Give me a few days to gather it up for you. :)
  11. Those beacon blocks look so awesome with the structure. :p
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  12. Alright I have set up the item donation chests at 8888 on SMP4 ;)
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  13. Indeed it is :D
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  14. Thankyou
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  15. Thanks bob, I also killed my first wither last night after you left, really fun ^_^
    I'll set up a special band of chests at 8888 for you? How many double chests do you think it'd be?
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  16. Thanks
  17. On smp2, 4005 and 3004 are almost always in stock. If you are looking to buy products these two mega-malls have cheap prices. As for the minerals, glass, and wood you need, try 4005. For stone related products, 3004 is almost always in stock with those. I think redstone and sandstone/sand are about even on pricing, but 4005 might be better for redstone.
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  18. Okay Thanks, I'll keep them in mind ;)
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  19. I love lapis too :p
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