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  1. So I was bored, I decided to create a game called "Spot the rupees"
    This is where you basically post photos of you in the wild/nether and people try to guess how many rupees the items in your photo are worth.

    This is my photo,I'm thinking around 400r...What do you think?
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  2. I was thinking around 400k. Get ALL of that nether, 390k, plus that lava for 100, all that glowstone 15r a piece for about 50 pieces for about 900r. Plus the gold nuggets and possibly golden armor from the pigmen, and about 100r in xp for killing them.

    Think outside the box!
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  3. I like this game :)
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  4. with both clusters - 800 (depending on how badly the prices will drop over the next few days)
  5. Hey I spot Justin's Photo Thats Worth more than anything I can afford :D
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  6. Justin hurries away and starts to program some plugins for it :p:p:p:p:p

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