Spleef Arena

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  1. Everyone has seen the announcement for the Mob Arena. I want to come out and admit that I am skerd of the Mob Arena. Raise your hand if you don't participate bc the risk of losing gear makes you uncomfortable. You can put your hands down now.

    So I have an idea for all of those people that just raised their hands and that idea is Spleef Arena. Same as Mob Arena except when you show up you challenge people to Spleef Combat. The only potential for loss is uses on your shears and your pride. I see no reason why we couldn't have another arena for people who would prefer less violent entertainment.
  2. Shears? A leaf floor? Interesting preposition.
    EDIT- first
  3. SMP3 has an amusement park with a Spleef arena. I think it's dirt floor. My sister and I have played there trying it out hehe.
  4. On smp3 go to /fun :)
  5. Why is that not listed on the server information page. Smp2 has the park listed on theirs. Also I was hoping for a once a week event with a server message. I would be willing to donate my time to moderate the event. It's more fun when you can get a lot of people involved.

    Also dirt is not the most attractive floor type for a spleef arena. The other part of it is I'm assuming that you have to rebuild the floor between matches. In my mind it would be better if the floor was automatically regenerated via a script everytime the match was over. Say through pressure plates at the bottom that would trigger the script to rebuild the floor. Or a command that the moderator would have.
  6. I do like Mob Arena but I don't participate until I'm really ready :(, and when/IF I do I will only bring the gears I need.
    I like that idea vary much. :)
  7. We used to have a pretty neat spleef arena, it was really nice for awhile, but lost its popularity over time. But, we might have actually, as staff, had a pretty lengthy exchange of ideas today about some future additions that include this idea and more, but right now Im not going to confirm anything, as nothing is confirmed, just understand your's, and other's, voices are being heard, and we are arranging somewhat of a solution that we hope to be surprising, original, and appealing to all of you guys :).
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  8. Well that's just the best news I've heard all day :D
  9. Me too. :)