Spawning into a wall D:

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  1. Hi, I am writing to express my anguish about a certain misfortune. Earlyer today, around 10:30 GMT i spawned into smp2. I was strolling around my house out in the wilderness when i decided to try and sleep in my bed. It was night time however it seems there was a problem and i was not able to. Instead i lagged out of the game. Apon my return a few seconds later i spawned into some sort of wall! i tried dissconecting and trying again however, it was no use. I died and lost all my armour, enchanted pickaxe, diamond sword and numerous blocks and items. Is there anything that could be done to alow me to receive compensation for the disaster?
    Please answer, Iolo (ICowell)

    P.S i have lost about 3 sets enchanted items (armour/tools) recently and its starting to piss me off. thanks
  2. you cant be compensated for your items because it cant be proven what you had
  3. ok, thanks anyway :p
  4. Yeah I've heard of many players having this kind of thing happen to them, it's sad but nothing can be done :(
  5. The chances are your items are still where you died. They will only vanish if the chunk gets loaded for a length of about five minutes (someone needs to be near for 5 mins). I've found stuff still around weeks after I've died (embarrassing death that made me rage quit then forgot exactly where I was).

    A good mod to have is Rei's Minimap from the approved mod list. This shows your death locations and lets you quickly head directly back to retrieve dropped items.
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  6. no one will of passed where i died, which is good, however i did look around abit after re spawning and i couldnt find them. the problem is when u get stuck in a wall in kinda hard to take a good look of your suroundings lol
  7. Gl with that xD
  8. Like this around 8:45?
  9. funny hahahha
  10. dude i lagged and died in wild spawn because it didnt load right and i fell into the void.suck it up and move on
  11. When you die and your spawn has been set in a bed, when you respawn you spawn next to the bed. If that space is occupied by ANY block (opaque block, sign, ladder, etc) then you will spawn on the other side of the bed. If THAT space is occupied, then you should spawn on top of the bed, unless even THAT space is occupied, which I've never tried. You might want to widen the space around your bed.
  12. i apoligise if i have upset u in anyway
  13. I don't think you have upset brandop123, he is only pointing out that these things happen to us all, accept that it can't be helped and don't let it be a burden.