Something big happened!!!! Aikar playing Xbox

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Aikar, Nov 20, 2015.

  1. I beat my first 'significant story' in over 3 years today.
    I say significant as I did beat Titanfall, but that wasn't a real story imo.... It didn't feel like an accomplishment.

    I started Final Fantasy 13-2 like 2-3 years ago, but stopped for a while.

    Then mid this year after my super stressful big day job project, I played it a lot to relax a bit.

    Well, I ended up getting an Xbox one as I know I wanted to play Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, but wanted to beat this first.

    Well, I was right at the last chapter/boss battle, so it didn't take long, and it is done!

    But, I've decided to complete the 13 story before moving onto Type 0 and am now beginning Final Fantasy 13-3: Lightning Returns

    After this i'll probably move to Destiny for a bit then Type 0.

    My Xbox gamer tag is AikarAdora if you want to add me (send a msg with your EMC name if its not obvious for your gamer tag)
  2. I was going to call you a console peasant before I saw the titles were console exclusives that aren't available for PC.

    You've saved yourself this time ;)
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  3. My Son took the Xbox to College :(
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  4. Well they are coming to pc but I don't use Windows, but you all know me. I'd end up working.

    Console forces me away

    And man Lightning is such a badass
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  5. SteamOS dual boot :D?
  6. Take my advise and don't get destiny. While it is pretty fun early on, and the gun mechanics are great. The late game is absolutely horrid. You get new gear to get stronger, But this "stronger" is actually just so that you can fight the same enemies with a different level next to their name. And while this is true in most every other game the way destiny really screws you over is that the stronger enemies don't actually drop better stuff.
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  7. Nice! I still have the 360, I like racing type games like the Forza Horizon games more than the Shooter games, I may add you soon!
  8. I already have it. Not really caring for endgame, but just wanted to experience the game / story
  9. PS4 > Xbox One.

    Let the war begin!
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  10. Ps never had the same community feeling to me, which is all I care about. I never use my ps3 outside of some ps2 games.... So even less likely to touch ps4
  11. You don't happen to play any call of duty do you? ;)
  12. Never been a fan of those. I prefer fantasy style fps
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  13. XBox is ok, I remember all the games I had before that ( Xbox 360 ) and was OP has heck on Black Ops. :(
  14. I tend to play Forza 5/Horizon 2, GTA or perhaps Watch_Dogs the occasional time, but that's all I really do on the Xbox at the minute. I don't think you play any of those games :p

    I stick to PC for the most part :)
  15. The maps are also all the same and it's a £50 game with microtransactions in it. I have no idea where the £329 million budget went. For comparison: Grand Theft Auto V had a £165 million budget and is a much better game :p

    Then again I also wouldn't reccomend anything from the Final Fantasy series, and Aikar seems to enjoy them, so... :p
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  16. Xbox 360 or one?
  17. I will play you on fifa :p
  18. It's a sign to get a PS4
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  19. Well... I love playing FIFA on Xbox one