Sold Enraged Guardian Eggs

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  1. Pretty much what the tittle says. Selling Enraged Guardian Eggs, 20k each.
    Got 0 in stock.
  2. I'll take one of 'em off your hands, if you'd be willing to wait a couple hours for me to get in game for payment.
  3. Time is not a problem. Mailing it to you right now.
  4. Would you mind reserving one for me?
  5. I'll take the 3rd, to pay when I next get on (mailing fees included) ;)
  6. What do you mean by reserving? I can mail it to you and then you pay me when you get online.

    EDIT: just mailed yours Luckygreenbird!
  7. I'll take 2. I'll pay next time i'm near a computer.
  8. Ok, they're yours. Mailing to you right now.
    Requesting the thread to be closed. Anything else, talk to me via chat.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.