So you updated prematurely?

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  1. If you are reading this you probably clicked the update now button and cannot currently access EMC because they are still running the 1.2.5 server. This, of course, is because Bukkit has yet to release a stable build for the servers to update to. Why rely on Bukkit, you say? Bukkit is run to make servers more reliable and to allow for easier implementation of plugins and other software.. That 60x60 square that you live in inside of the Town map is a plugin. Essentially, only you can access that 60x60x256 cubical area (unless you give permissions for other people to access it). Now if EMC were to force update, like everyone keeps stating that we should do, we would likely lose many of the plug-ins that provide us with a sense of security.. On top of that Bukkit is barely at development of the 1.3.1 server, they are currently on build #2292 which is 1.3.1-r0.1. If we were to use this dev build, any changes we make might not save properly, and thus initiate an unintentional rollback when the stable build is updated. So If you have made it this far and would like to know what you can do to get back on to EMC without having to wait the antagonizing wait for Bukkit to upgrade. Its actually quite simple if you know how to access your .minecraft folder. All you need to do is download a clean version of 1.2.5 from the Minecraft Assets page.. ( ..This page is going to look like a bunch of gibberish if you don't read XML pages. To make it easier, the link to download the 1.2.5 jar is: You simply need to download this jar and use it to replace the minecraft.jar file in the bin folder in your .minecraft folder. Before you get onto me for posting the link for that jar, it is provided Mojang, I am not hosting the file, Mojang is. :) ..After you replace the jar restart the client and you will be back in 1.2.5, just be sure not to tell it to update again.. xD
  2. I have a bad luck story for this.

    I first played MC on 1.8. I kept to one server mostly and enjoyed it. I lived a simple life, was friends with a few powerful people, had all the needed resources for a stable life at my finger tips in a closed town. Everything was looking up and up. We were even preparing to storm the End when 1.0.0 came out.
    But then the update came, I saw no harm in updating at first. But then I got the "Outdated Server" message. Time passed and I still checked, thats when the server went down. I reunited with a few people from it later, and they explained that the admin had shut it down after it got too stressful to run. I had no idea how to do stuff back then.