So why would you need a Vault Voucher?

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  1. Hi gang!

    I have done a good share of Momentus battles and as a result I am looking at plenty of vault vouchers. A lot of those go into my upcoming treasure hunt event and with the others I try to have some fun. SO...

    Can you come up with a good & original reason why you'd need an extra /vault page?

    Of course there are prizes!

    1st wins 1 diamond.
    2nd wins 2... wait a sec....

    Ok: 1st prize: 3 diamonds.
    2nd prize: 2 diamonds (how fitting :D)
    3rd prize: no, oh wait: 1 diamond!

    And there is also a chance to win a mystery prize, I have no idea what it is :rolleyes:

    You guys got until upcoming weekend (Friday evening 0:00 EMC time).

    Seems hardly much effort to win stuff I think?
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  2. I need another vault vouchers cuz.....Well why not
  3. The reason for the most people to have another vault page is because their current pages are full with stuff inserted in there and never used again, and people are too lazy to clean those up (c'mon, admit it :D).

    Oh, another reason is to reach the 5 page limit to access the vault for free
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  4. A vault voucher comes in handy when you fill up all of your prior vaults with random items that you are procrastinating in putting away, and you need more space to drop random stuff in.
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  5. I need another vault page to make a special page for tools, and some useful blocks, and still have the others to travel stuff around the server. So, basically a useful chest, that you have everywhere!
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  6. I basically said the same thing :D
  7. I need vault vouchers to make me feel loved. As of now, I have 8 loves total.
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  8. I would need a vault voucher to shove more Gawadrolts-- I mean supplies in.
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  9. I whould need an extra vault page to dump stuff in I don't need but don't want to trow away. "par exapmple" when I'm building and want to harvest my farms after that.
  10. I would need more vault vouchers to wipe my nose with
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  11. I would need another vault to fit more vault vouchers.
  12. I need another vault voucher because taking 12 hours to sort through my vaults just isn't enough time wasted

    After a week and a half of building an auto sorter, collecting all the random chests on my various residences ad sorting out my 40 vault pages I can finally find stuff as of like 3 days ago lol.
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  13. To hide my dead bodies. I mean urm, to put my urm... valuable items somewhere organised.
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  14. Well, I am not sure about 'good' but I find myself keeping loads of junk in my vaults.
    And I truly mean loads of random junk (for some reason, I cannot get rid of items).
    But from time to time when players are looking for something off the wall, often I can simply open up my disorganized vaults, and find what it is they are looking for. Speaking of which, I think that my vaults resemble the chests on my res... all disorganized and full of things...
    Is this original? Doubt it.

    Pls don't enter me though in the giveaway, I only posted this to share cause I'm sure others have more need! :p
    Good luck all in winning!
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  15. They are useful to put on display to make you look wealthy
  16. I don't really need any more Vault Vouchers, though I could potentially give one away if I were to be given another one :rolleyes: Well, another vault page never really hurts either, could use it for more of my junk that I still need to find some time to sort through? :p
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  17. I need a vault voucher because I need more space for my stone slabs.
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  18. I need another vault voucher like I need a another hole in my head. I have used 4 to increase my total to 5 so I can use my vaults for free and I have another 29 in a chest in my residence. But diamonds, I can always use diamonds. Diamonds, diamonds, more DIAMONDS. :p
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  19. Right, there are certainly some interesting & original ideas here :) Time for a small bump and we'll see if there are more.
  20. Only one vault voucher remains to complete my dark summoning ritual. When it is ready, I shall call forth Cubethulu from the infinite abyss and plunge the whole of EMC into madness and despair.