So, what's up?

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  1. Hello EMC'ers Im David, IGN copherfield!

    Im 16 and have started playing minecraft 6 months ago, joined the empire maybe 1 or 2 weeks ago, im a very nice player in aspects like mining, pvp'ing, redstone wiring and others, so if you wan't my help, just ask! :)

    I have played on other 3 minecraft servers, in wich i've been ranked to admin and even CoOwner, so if you use caps hope for me to bother you :p

    I have tasted the power and i loved it, but for now, is time to survive *in case some1 says "this dude is just saying that to be mod ashrukednc"*

    Im ready to help with whatever you guys need, and ready to lear each day something diferent at the EMC!


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  2. welcome to emc,i hope you like it here!
  3. Thanks, i don't quite like it tho
  4. ... i LOVE it!
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  5. First I was like :eek: but then I :).
  6. exactly what i was thinking XD