so tired of digging

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  1. I am willing to pay someone 20,000 to finish clearing out my utopia lot. I have made a huge dent in it, but wow is there a lot of dirt in that lot!!! Anyone interested? I will not be offering tools, you will need to provide your own. I will gladly pay in small increment of like 2000 or 4000 at a time for progress so you won't have to wait until done to get paid. I have no problems if a group wants to do this.
    Utopia 5024
  2. i will do this job but i cant today i will be on friday-sunday and then i will do the job
  3. Ill do it !
  4. If you are willing to split the money between alex_jacob and I, I too would gladly help out
  5. ;l didnt think that many ppl would do this job we will only get like 6.5k each then if all 3 of us do the job
  6. I do honor first come first serve. So alex_jacob I will gladly give you the job. It is entirely up to you to take on a partner or more. I suggest you pick someone who is trust worthy and will work as hard as you. Just reply that you will take this job and just let me know if you are doing this solo or with another so I know who to pay.
  7. I would recommend using a diamond efficiency III shovel, one click destroys a dirt block. It makes the job much easier.
  8. Ill do this on my lonesome i work better by my self so sorry joshmcf and iceraider14
  9. I'll set up a group of chests for you to help with storing tools ect... Btw, keep all the dirt if you want. I have plenty... Oh and Alex_jacob, This is important!!! Do not take out the top layer. It has a bunch of holes in it for light but I want that top layer to remain. Also, there are hundreds of torches scattered throughout. feel free to remove, relocate, whatever.
  10. Could you make a one square of lava for burning the extra dirt that i wont need and do you think you could give me 200r now so i can get tools that i will need
  11. Ok no problem on the lava pool. Don't know what 200r will do in terms of tools but sure.
  12. Its for buying diamonds to make shovels
  13. I will get on after shool tomorrow at 3:30 central time or 4:30 eastern time
  14. you do realize how big a utopia lot is right
  15. I don't now, but I realize it, 120x120x62 (not the top layer and bedrock) dirt blocks... :d
  16. Ok, so Alex_jacob is a no show so far. In addition, his last log in was 53 days ago before he logged on Friday night. I'm thinking that he won't be able to do this job. Iceraider14, Are you interested in doing this job still?
  17. I wanna work too....
  18. Iceraider14, you were second. So just let me know if you want to work alone and get paid all or you want to take on a partner and share payment. It's totally up to you. Just let me know that you accept the job and if you have someone helping you so I can make the appropriate chests.
  19. Ill work with whoever was first?