So I was in San Diego the other week..

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  1. Here's some keepers from my post-Christmas trip, we went to San Diego.
    This was a few months ago :p I just wanted you to know why I hadn't played *that* much after Christmas. The trip was about a week long. I got a pimp Vid camra for Christmas so I got to take da picz :D

    Heres a few while we were on the bus, it was about 27 hours on there. It had wifi, but not strong enough to do anything on gaming servers, it was cell-based, which is up one second, and down the next. I mainly used it to look at webpages, but even then it was pretty crappy. So I played scrabble with the hot chick in the seat beside me. :D
    I'll paste them in later, my internet can only upload SO much. This was taken near california, I dunno what mountain it is, but I took it from the bus, iz legit.

    The Hotel was fancy, we stayed at the Crown Plaza.

    This was the courtyard of the plaza, it smelled so good, and it felt like you could sleep there all day..

    Yes, we went to SeaWorld, I saw the Orcas but after I came back I watched a documentary of how they treat the Orcas and.. Let's just say I hate that places guts now.
    You can even see the poor things scratches from fighting.. These things kill each other out of pressure in their 10x12x12 Meter pool..

    Then we got to explore the U.S(S.) ((I'm no captain, guys..)) Midway. It looked legit. My battery ran out after we went below tho :'( Still got some cool pics.
    These are some of the controls on the panel in the engine room.

    Thanks for checkin diz out! :D
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  2. San Diego, my homeland
  3. I'm from Kansas. That place was foreign.