So I got to try the Wii U

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  1. So this weekend I got to play the Wii U. I got to play it because my friends dad works for Nintendo. I am here to day to put all your fears to rest. The Wii U is the most responsive, graphically powerful, and intuitive console to date. I got to try out Assassin's Creed 3, Mario U, and Rayman Legends. I have to say all of them are extremely impressive graphically, and on par of better then current gen.

    The controller, which is what most people are worried about is extremely light, and comfortable to hold. For comparison I held a 360 controller, a ps3 controller, and a Wii U controller. The Wii U controller was lighter then the 360's, but slightly heavier then the ps3's. And to me actually felt the most comfortable to hold. Nintendo released that the screen ran 1/60 frames behind the Console. This margin is not noticeable to the eye at all, and I could not tell the 1/60 lag on the controller behind the tv. The touchscreen, as most people know, is not capacitive and does not support multitouch like most smartphones do, however I will say it is the most respnsive non-capacitive touchscreen I have ever used in my life. It does not have multitouch obviously, but other then that it is just as responsive as a smartphone's touchscreen.

    I do not feel like typing anymore right now so if you have any questions just ask me in the comments.
  2. Would you know it is? Did you test it? No, so don't make some statement that you cant back up.
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  3. You know what I knew people wouldn't believe me, I knew I shouldn't have posted this.
  4. I believe that he thinks I didn't get to test it (which I did).
  5. I believe you, Nintendo makes high quality stuff. Can't wait for the Wii U! :)
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  6. My mom, brother and I went to GameStop, next to a haircut place while we were waiting, and that's what my Mom saw, and thought about. Thanks for the review :)
  7. Yeah it really is cool, what is really cool for me is that for many games, Mario U and Rayman Legends for example, you don't have to throw away your old Wii controllers as they are compatible with quite a few games.
  8. i must PS3 *insert rant about PS3 here* and all we use our x box for is to play DVDs
  9. Huh? PS3 FTW!!
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  10. Hm,Sounds good but I need some kind of FPS game,Any idea of any will come?
  11. /unlike
  12. I would disagree. I am still worried about how it will do on the market though, as it seems like the bulk of it's launch titles are re-releases and it seems like they won't be able to appeal to the casual crowd.
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  13. I'm still not buying it. It'll get a remake next year, just wait.

    I am comfortable with my PS3 that is hogged by my brother and sister and my laptop that can play Left 4 dead 2 at 20 FPS...

    Also, my wii is broken :p
  14. Why would you post something like this? If you feel this way, keep it to yourself. I'm sure this would make you feel bad, so don't put it on someone's thread.
  15. What if i don't want to
  16. 4. Thou Shalt Not Be Rude

    Be polite and respectful to others in the game and in the chat, and don’t harass or insult anybody, for any reason. If someone asks you to leave thier lot or to stop doing something that is affecting them in some way, respect them and do as they ask.

    I for one see this as rude.
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  17. Just STFU.
  18. ??? Why u quote my post. O.O