So I got on to play minecraft...

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  1. Ok so i have been in and out of this game and I came back to play about a month ago and now for what ever reason I now have the problem where I can not log on

    Here are my 2 suspected reasons

    1. I can not remember my password for the life of me. In most cases this wouldn't be a problem for most people but I use a different password for everything I use which I guess could be a problem.

    2.(which is most likely the reason) I've been hacked/Insided. The reason I say insided is I have 4 friends with my account on their computer and if I were to guess they might have sold my account... I know I have great friends. But I have been hacked in the past by normal means so it is a possibility

    I don't know what this post was even for, a PSA I guess?

    Oh For now I will either be playing under "Hawktalon10968" or "Shalomout3" Until I resolve this issue

    Now I guess here's a good question, How many Veterans still play this game?
  2. GL taking over back your main. Have you tried "forgot my password" on the mojang website?

    also i think i remember reading that if you havent transferred a MC account to a mojang account, then it would not let you log in. maybe this is the case, maybe not, but hope i helped

    Been playing since July 2012, does that count as a vet?
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  3. i'm a veteran! i've been playing for a whole week! :D
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  4. The number 1 rule of account sharing is to not do it. Never on any circumstance should you share your account, no matter how trustworthy they are. But yes have you tried the forgot your password button?
  5. I have not attempted forgot password yet once I get the time I will try that

    Also I consider 2 years being on the server a veteran.
  6. Been here for 4 years and 6 months. Yay.

    And hey, welcome back, I remember you.

    Good luck with the account.