So I accidentally updated...

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  1. version 1.2.4, and realized before it even finished downloading that i was screwed. I just downloaded MCNostalgia but their most current version only downgrades to 1.2.2. Could someone please zip their .minecraft/bin folder and upload it somewhere puhleeease? I don't feel like waiting a week for an update for bukkit and EMC, especially because i JUST upgraded to a gold subscription. I'll even pay 1000 rupees to whoever uploads 1.2.3 for me.
  2. If MCNostalgia only downgrades to 1.2.2 you should be fine as you only need to downgrade to 1.2.3 :)

    The EMC servers at present are on 1.2.3
  3. Could you do me a favor then? just because i'm not sure which to roll back to. could you open up your bin, open up the version file in notepad and tell me what it reads? also, thank you.
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  4. Its usually the earliest date, unless you did something with your minecraft.jar after updating.
  5. derp. i thought that it was some sort of technical number. nevermind then, I'll just mess around till i find the right one then.
  6. I'll do this for Justin