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  1. I think staff should make it quit snow in town and cover everyone res with snow that's if they want it of course. Please I mean it has to look like Christmas winter season. You should see my res its all festive.

    Thank You
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  2. What if people don't want snow on their residences?
  3. I did say that's if they want snow. You don't have snow like a staff member could go to each server and ask who on if they want snow on there res.
  4. Would not work as you would have to change the biome in the whole town to a snow biome, from there turn on weather or add a code to make it snow. There would also be too much of a fuss with this. What i do is always use ice and snow and place it all over my reses.
  5. I know I cant have torches or lamps on, on the ground at my res I turned them off. I was just thought it would be good idea. Just for the Christmas spirit.
  6. You cant have lights around snow if they did this. and as i stated this would be too much of a fuss for people that dont come on much and would not want this. If anything would lag the server with only sertain reses having snow and others no snow. They always decorate the /spawns up with snow and ice, but to do the whole town that would be too much work.
  7. well I like the idea. Its just me Christmas is my holiday. I look forward to decorating all year and I'm sure others may feel the same way. you may not but some do.
  8. I think the development team could actually make it snow in the Town without it covering up the ground. That would be awesome! :)
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  9. I have decorated all my reses since day one one emc. I usually decorate on Dec 1st, but the late few days i have been very busy. Also where I live i start to get tired of snow as it snows 75% of the year haha. But all i can suggest is to get some ice, snow blocks and snow caps, and place them.
  10. If they did that i am sure no one would, care, its when it lands and starts to freeze water and all. This is something I would like. as long as it does not affect the water.
  11. Well its you and I understand where your coming from but there are some of us who would like the festive snow. And some of us would like the fest snow fall every so often in town. You have your preference and some of us have ours.
  12. Ok I am not being rude here. But please stop being a negative nancy. This is just a suggest. Some people may like snow some may like the snow fall. Either way its just my suggestion and I like it and some may like it to and some may not like it or want it. Either way its my suggestion. I love Christmas plain and simple. done......
  13. Hey, welcome to the empire forums. Take a look at other suggestions, you should see a lot being shot down, with every suggestion made, people are allowed to make statements and/or opinions.

    Anyways, I only see this working for empire Minecraft owned areas such as town and shop. The snowy weather would have to be able to be toggled to prevent player lag for some people. Also, it is very unlikely that staff will come on a and user their powers for snow in residences.
  14. The town spawns on all servers are currently snowed on. That's our winterification for the servers.
  15. I like the snow downfall-only idea, where snow pads don't affect anything.
  16. smp8's "winterfication" thing looks weird. there is no snow at the corners outside of the building.

  17. that's because the upside down spawn makes it so the snow command doesnt work
    I had to manually do it =P